You’re aiming in the wrong direction

Fuck your flag.

*smiles faintly at you*

Now that I have your undivided attention.  Let us begin.

Yes, there are children showing off their disrespect for the United States Flag. Yes, it makes you anger and it makes you want to stop it.  However, you would be wrong to stop it. First all of, it’s protected speech.  The Supreme Court ruled that punishment for disrespecting that piece of textile was against the Constitution.

However, they are abusing a piece of woven processed petrel product.

I’ve seen threats to assault them.  To shoot them.  You are a fucking moron if you’ve made this threat.

Beat them and you go to trial for assault and battery.  Which is a felony if I recall correctly.

Shoot them – there are a multitude of charges depending on if they die or not. All felonies.

Felonies equal you losing a lot of your rights. Which I am assuming you already knew before taking whatever action you want to take. You can bet they’ll add the charge “Resisting Arrest” to it.

Look, I get you’re angry. You might even be beginning to feel to the tendrils of desperation working their way through your mind.

You forget a few things.

1) This…. childish display of supposedly speaking truth to power is just that – childish.  It is a symptom of a much larger problem.

2) That flag would not exist if it weren’t for the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights and their other Amendments.  Every day, new bills, acts and laws strip those documents away.  The flag becomes emptier and more worthless with each passing day. The name Old Glory is starting to take on a new meaning….

3) Lashing out at someone over stomping on the flag is a false sense of bravado and one of the most shallow displays of being a “patriot” one can possibly do.

4) The children conducting this are wanting you to react violently to them. Do not give them the satisfaction. Turn your back on them. Ignore them. Do not feed them.

When was the last time you read the Founding Documents?
When was the last time you studied why they said the things they did?
Wrote what they wrote?
Have you read their letters? Their essays?

I tell you bluntly: that precious little piece of material cannot exist with those documents.  The Declaration, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights can and do exist without that flag.  Protect the documents.

The flag will follow in due time.


4 thoughts on “You’re aiming in the wrong direction

  1. I’m actually a DAR/Mayflower descendant. I do take pride in the founding fathers. I get extremely agitated when I’m around adults expressing disdain or contempt for the US– I feel like saying, well, get out then. If you think things would be this good for you in Europe, in the Middle East, wherever, go there. Similarly, I was shocked when I was talking to a young British man about the fact that some of the Islamic community in the UK refuses to swear allegiance to the Queen. She’s just a figurehead, but if they don’t appreciate being in England, they should get out.

    1. I have been developing an appreciation for those Men and Women of the Founding years. I know for a fact they’d be clunking heads together right now if they were could.

  2. Actually you make some good points. You have to remember though, many people have served in the military and fought and died under that banner. To them it is not just a symbol of the country but a personal symbol that stands for struggled, blood they shed and too often friends lost. For them, seeing it walked on, spit on,and other wise disrespected is like a kick in the nuts (pardon the use), it hurts. To see people, most of whom could care less about sacrifice, many of whom the word sacrifice means having to have a double mocha latte instead of a richer drink, or having to use the steps to go 2 floors because the elevator is out. The flag is to many, the physical most recognized embodiment of our Constitution and Declaration. That flag has stood for a great many things, not all of them good (such as the attempted genocide of Native Americans). In many parts of the world it stands for freedom, it stands as a beacon of equality and of resistance to evil. Consider the Korean Conflict, the struggle against Nazi Germany, the spread of Communism, etc,,, This is why many get so incensed. I never served active duty but I admit I get pretty bent out of shape when I see people walking and spitting on it. Burning is a legitimate form of protest, we burn them when they get too damaged. Burning is not desecration. America is the only country that allows people to basically say what they want anytime, people can try and do what they want -short of infringing on others rights- and we accept just about anyone into the country,and to have people repay those freedoms by spitting and walking on the symbol of the country is to me a form of abuse. To me they are saying”yea so what you let us come here to live and study, to practice our religion, but we hate you and everything you stand for”. I know many do not agree with me but try to see where the people that are furious about the attacks on the flag, are coming from. You are telling them that their service meant nothing, that the men and women who fought and died under that flag did so for nothing. If you want them to respect your views, you have to respect theirs. Another example, Islam. They get furious if anyone dares draw a picture of Allah or makes a joke about him and many of them will kill you for daring to do this. Many of those same people come here and demand we respect their beliefs then they desecrate to symbol of the country. Howe would they feel if we drew pictures of Allah and then walked on them, spit on them, urinate on them. No need to think about it, there would be open warfare. You have to see both sides of every situation. I understand why some people are doing this stuff to our flag, I don’t like it but I understand it. I will never do it myself nor remain in the presence of those that do. Not because it is our country’s symbol but because of those that fought and died under it.

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