Project list (as of 5/19/2015)

There are:

  • 6-8 baby blankets
  • 2-4 Ma Cobb hats
  • 1-3 Toothless dragons
  • 4-8 Gangly huggy dolls
  • 2 dream catchers
  • V-stitch long vest
  • 2-4 sewn skirt’s
  • 1 crocheted skirt (or it may stay a shawl I haven’t decided yet)
  • 4-10 scarves
  • 3-6 twin to queen sized afghans
  • 1 jean quilt
  • always have hats going
  • Changeling’s Agony: Awakening
  • story outline
  • Short story “alpha”
  • Nuovaria
  • “Rothbard Confederation”
  • “North America: Wrong Side of the River”

…. what was that look for?

Also need to buy new jeans.  All my favorite pairs have holes in the right knee now and need to be converted to either shorts or skirts.   Might do one skirt and one pair of shorts.

I need to finish my Con 201 and get ready for the HTML coding class that starts on the 1st.

And I need to start writing down stuff about The Guild.  Remember that thing I was talking about yesterday with the nudges? Well, it’s a guild actually that needs built.  A guild will have less politicizing that a tradition or coven would allow for and with it being a guild it’ll have a much broader definition.  It’ll be easier for Asatru and Kermitic’s and Celts and etc., to be in the guild.  A Coven and Tradition normally have selected Pantheons or God and Goddess but with the Guild there’ll be more freedom among members this way for personal pantheons.

It’ll be easier sharing knowledge among members too I think. Which why a lot of stuff will most likely be outlines.  Then again, some things will be concrete.  Like if an apprentice steps out of line… well there’s dishes to be done damnit.

And those are all just the stuff that I work on in rotation when DR is at work.    😉