The Guild

So as stuff is wont to do…. these finally hit me.  I present the first piece of information on The Guild.

1) The Guild recognizes that whatever form of Sacred Divine that any one individual calls on is a highly personal choice. Thus no one Pantheon, God or Goddess, Element, Spirit Group, etc., will be favored over all other in Guild Matters. All will be called upon in matters appropriate to what they have dominion over.  If too many exist to call on, a general callto Spirit will do.

2) The Guild recognizes variations exist in all paths of a spiritual nature due to the individualism inherent in many humans.  The Guild considers all paths to be on equal and common ground, and admonishes its members to keep a cool head when differences do arise with brothers and sisters.

3) Though the Guild is not a secret society, should a guildmate ask you to ignore them in public due to safety concerns, respect it. Any deliberate disregard to this will be seen and treated as a breach of trust to the Entire Guild. There is no second chance.

4) The Journey is a personal one and the Guild is in existence so that each member knows they have someone they can reach out to, learn from and grow with regardless of why.

5) The Guild recognizes that each individual has strengths and weaknesses in every area.  All guild members are encouraged to share their strengths and to graciously accept help when offered.

6) The Guild welcomes all, but all must go through a probationary period.  This period’s length is determined by the individual’s choices and character.

7)  The Guild recognizes that sexuality and politics are important to many. However, they have no place in official guild events, business or meetings.  All members are advised to leave that at the door.

8) When wearing a Guild shawl, scarf, stole, coat, belt, patch, vest, or other item, do so only at Guild happenings.  There is a lot of misinformation and fools out there and we do not need unneccessary attention.  We’ll do better if left in peace.

9) The Guild asks that you share all you know, but you must advise if something is too personal or under an oath.  All Guild are to respect such wishes.

10) Irrational fears will be faced, especially if they may interfere with future Guild business.

11) Leave it concealed.  There are those who have not yet confronted their fear of weapons and it is not your place, unless they ask you, to force them to face said fear.


3 thoughts on “The Guild

  1. Great guidelines for behavior. Seriously, many groups of all sorts lack this clarity.

    You will need to consider how to state in similar firm and clear form, what the Guild is *for*, and likely also *how* that will be accomplished.

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