Random Musings

Several random bits and pieces.  Heh. Brace yourself! I do believe all have been warned I go in a hundred different directions here.  Hehhehehe.

Why people freaked over Familiar’s. 

Depending on your finances, having a pet can be expensive or even prohibitive. Pet’s maybe have even been a sign of wealth in many times and places. If you were a Healer with a large amount of knowledge on herbs and things that did not require the barbaric practice of bloodletting (which was church sanctioned medicine…. Yick), chances are you were rather thrifty.  A child’s sickness could mean a few pounds of wool so that you didn’t freeze in the winter time and a birth that didn’t kill mother and child could mean fresh eggs and meat for the next several years.  It’s rather arrogant to think that they didn’t trade their talents and wares for the means to continue living well.

A healthy and sleek looking cat or dog would mean the woman or man was doing well.  Possibly too well. Which is all a rival of the person (be a low brow healer or some idiot priest or a jackass who just wants their property not realizing that the wealth was because of the individual’s talents not the actual physical location) would need in order to cause much grief.

The effect of loosing a person like this would have consequences reaching through the ages that we are only just now seeing finish playing themselves out.

How old is writing really?

There is a lot of contention over this. To me it seems like writing pops up about the same time humans figured out how to herd animals and which birds had the tastiest eggs. I think it pops up around that time, because someone figured out that they needed to keep track of bloodlines.  Of which animals had the strongest backs, didn’t get easily and their young lived without complications.

The only reason why that popped through my head is because the other day I was ruminating on why preppers needed to familiarize themselves with domestication and animal husbandry. Regardless of the why’s a food chain and SHTF situation, you’re going to need to keep track of your animals bloodlines in order to avoid inbreeding and to give yourself a steady flow of meats and animal products.

The same could go from plant crops too.  Which seeds from which plants produced the most, were strong against disease, etc.  In order to keep track of all that, having something to record it with is crucial.  Be it a tablet or old fashioned pen and paper (I personally recommend the latter myself.  Guess you should work on improving your handwriting then huh?)

And my mind doing what it does wandered off in the direction of writing and ancient writing and ancient herdsman who needed to keep track of their animals. Still a bit mystical (as one of the theories for why we have ancient writing is some cases was because of ancient shamans and priest groups) as keeping track of which animal is how many years old and is due for the cooking pot come fall time.  Which meanderings towards tying into why they start paying attention to things like time and calender’s. Which goes into a whole spider web’s worth of other direction’s.