With Food

For whatever reason I was really really really wanting Salmon candy.  Which is basically Salmon jerky.  The steelhead trout was a better deal though.  Used my Sriracha Sauce (vinegar/citrus juice, honey, sriracha and soy sauce) as the marinade and will be popping them into the oven tonight on low heat for over night drying.

The parts that didn’t go into the sauce (ahem) I turned into dinner.  It was good enough that even DR who hates fishy liked it well enough to eat a few bites. (Win!)

With Thread

I don’t know how much non-crocheters/knitters out there know about Irish lace, but I’ve a new project gearing up that I can’t wait to unleash that’s involves these older techniques.

With the Background

Progress is being made on Changeling’s Agony.  I’m hoping once I get another four chapters done, you guys will have seven weeks back to back of chapters and I’ll be able to work on a couple of the other writing projects for a couple of weeks.  Been playing around with different music types, singers and composer’s.  It’s an odd concept I suppose letting what I’m listening to guide me through my day’s activities, but it works.  It’s merely one trick in a bag of trick in staying productive.