Steam The Windows, Lock The Door

Mad Genius Club

Or Aunt Sarah’s Clinic on how to write sex if you absolutely must.

In this case we’ll assume you’re not writing erotica, but sex as part of a larger, non-sex-oriented work. These rules don’t apply to erotica (well, most of them don’t.)

I’ve actually written erotica a dozen times or so, one of them markedly unsuccessful in my view even though it sold. (Yes, yes, yes – moan :-p – I actually will publish these ahem works eventually, probably as their own collection with all sorts of warnings on the cover. Well, the works I can, since most of them were work for hire. Which means I need to beef up (eh) the rest before I can publish a collection. It will happen. It’s just not urgent, so you can stop shouting now, now, now, now!) But erotica is its own thing, and the levels of description you’ll engage…

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