Monday was conquered.


You don’t realize how much you need your pinkie toe for balance until there’s something wrong with it!

So yesterday we took Maggie shooting.  I managed to get onto DR’s 1911…. and no shakes.  It was just me and him, out there shooting at paper targets.  No memories screaming through my head demanding death and retribution for past wrongs.  It was nice.

Now, MaggieDog did very well.  She was not spooked by the gunfire at all.  Though it started getting too hot for either human or dog to be comfortable, she didn’t seem plussed by it…except for the fact that she couldn’t be near us while we were shooting.

We had tied her off to a door handle on the SUV…. and because of the handle type, she opened the door, jumped into the Rav which shut the door behind her.  DR about died laughing.