And there it is.

The last of the twice a week bath’s that MaggieDog had to have because of her mange.  Last night even had her laying down in the tub rather resigned to her fate.

Earlier in the evening, I had taken her to the little dog park that we have here. Eight kids (5-10) go walking by, they find out MaggieDog is a sweet heart and eight kids come piling into the dog park to play with Maggie.  Every last one laughing or screaming with delight over her. 

She’s doing relatively well this Monday. This is the longest she’s ever been away from DR and probably will never be away from him this long again. Two nights is normal, three is not.

She’s been very aware of him not being home, but hasn’t become too depressed yet. Thankfully we’re friends with some of the local teenagers who want to walk her every time I turn around. Which amuses me greatly in that there’s a sneaking suspicion that they aren’t as eagerly helpful at their homes.