Seriously Lacking

in motivation. I have things to write, to study and all I’ve been able to do is crochet or knit and watching Finding Bigfoot and Survivorman BigFoot. They’re guilty pleasures okay? That and…. I’ve had like seven-eight experiences that the only thing that makes any kind of rational sense as to what it was…is… well… yeah.

I’m not just what’s wrong right now. I’m getting plenty of sun thanks to MaggieDog, eating really well these days (helps when DR loves most of my cooking. He’s not afraid of telling me if a dish is missing something and I like that about him. Helps me get to be a better cook.)

It’s not even really being bummed out or even depressed (well…. depressed like how I used to be). It could be a minor of depression which would mean my normal low’s….are a lot higher than they used to be. ….did that make sense?

Anyways, hopefully with a few more toys crocheted, this’ll pass and things will pick back up around here.

And for those of you wondering, MaggieDog is doing great. She is at 32-33 pounds now and looking more and more like pit bull and Labrador mix every day.

This morning I woke up to her snuggling up to me and DR. Totally made it hard to get up this morning. 🙂


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