When your hobbies itch

I love rock hounding.  You can ask anyone, I have a nice little collection of coral fossils all obtained…from my parents vegetable garden.  No seriously.  Here in Arizona, with it being desert and this side of some serious ancient plate collisions, there are a lot of lovely places to rock hound.   Wash areas are the best.

However… it’s monsoon season here.  We’re also down stream of where many of the storms happen.  This is where my prepper side comes in.  This is where looking at weather reports and keeping your ears open comes in.  No earbuds blasting music and keeping an eye on the weather maps.

Rock hounding is incredibly fun for a geology amateur like me.  However that hobby in an area like this could me into serious trouble if I’m not careful.  I have to be aware of my surroundings in case of flash flood, poisonous animals, javelinas, coyote packs, etc.  I have to watch myself so I don’t get dehydrated which means bringing enough water and just enough food.

Another thing that I have to be aware of is the dust storms.  This are apparently common enough here in Phoenix that there are posters listing tips on how to deal with them as frequent as there are what to do in case of tornado posters in the MidWest. So I have to check over my gear and make sure I have a couple things that will help me come out the other side doing just fine should I get caught in one.  (And to be completely honest, I really want to see a dust storm.)

I always think it’s amusing when your hobbies overlap.  All hobbies overlap.  It’s actually rather fascinating when you stop and look at how they do so.