Welcome to the Morning After

According To Hoyt

I wish I could tell you this post is late because we partied so much on the fourth, but I stayed up late formatting my husband’s book for publication.  And I went to bed before my entire family.

Since we’re in a new neighborhood and didn’t feel like driving across town, the guys spent the entire evening/night trying to figure out “where to see fireworks” — at which I think they failed.  Well, the guys except younger son who went off with friends to (I suspect, no one told me) set off fireworks.  It is weird that the most introverted of the Hoyts has the busiest social life.  Those of you with kids of a retiring disposition should put them in First Robotics, where Marshall found all sorts of engineers (guys and gals) who still form the core of the people he hangs out with.

The guys are still in…

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