A Little Bit of Promo – Free Range Oyster

According To Hoyt

*Before I give floor space to the ambulatory mollusc: Turns out we have ONE MORE DAY at the house because… reasons.  Maybe two, but if two it’s because tomorrow we might have to do highly specialized stuff we’d pay to have done if we could find anyone to do it.  But if two, for Sunday most of what I’ll do is hand over stuff and let the guys work.  Today I have a room and a half left to wax and set up.  The only problem is that I calculated right before and my energy gave up last night.  Ah well.  I’ll pound my gut into a new heart, and I’ll go on because I have to.  And with apologies to Oyster, I’m inserting my husband’s book up top because it comes out today and because Hoyts need to recover from the sheer fortune we’ve spent on paint and building…

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