Where have you BEEN?!

Oh you know….

Just dealing with a positive amount of good chaos and an amount of chaos that has been…. neutral/bad/takes time to ride out the consequences of chaos.

Has Changeling’s Agony progressed any?
Somewhat.  I know where I’m going with her and I know why and when but all characters are going “nu uh. Not yet for now.”  Same with all the other stories.

I’m not yet back until November. A good friend invited me to her state and the place that has projects that need built for the month of October.  I can’t wait. I’m going to be IN DA WOODS for well over a month.  Yes, manuscripts coming with for when I can’t sleep or wake up early.  Yes you’ll get to hear about the adventures….after I’m back in town.

Sabbatical.  Every human needs this. As at least 72 hours no digital age.  Do EEETTTT!!!! It’s refreshing. It’s wonderful.  It’s been four years since my last.

More posts soon before I go, and I will try to have some scheduled posts.  K?