Today starts a new chapter of my own personal journey.

In the past month, I’ve had to announce shutting down Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks for anything outside of custom work. I’ve lost a few battles to my PTSD.

Tomorrow I make a trip with my husband and the day after finish it with a guild member to a different state for a month.

Today represents a fork in my road and I have taken what many would call the hard road.  I’ve deliberately chosen to spend a month away from my husband, my DR, with time in that month to be spent in the middle of woods working on survival skills.

I’m not looking reforge myself yet.  That would be me going into a state with no one, no dog or friends and walking out months later smiling.

I am going to be introduced to new people, new hobbies, new skills.

I will need all of them. Because I have found: Strength is not inherent.  It is learned.


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