Tier One Viking Radio

Seriously, this podcast is quickly becoming my personal favorite.  And I’m going to share the hell out of them.



“This is the episode I’ve been waiting to do!In the past I’ve offered a very hardline definition of the word warrior.In this episode we build on what we have and redefine what it means to be part of the warrior class.We ask the questions;Why do so many people want to be warriors?How does one embark on the journey to warriorship? What are some traits of a warrior?Hear a special announcement about next weeks episode!Word FameFirst check out Episode one of the Warrior Continuum to learn about warrior awareness and get started on the path.Then check out the Pressure Project Members Site and become a member to watch the rest of the Warrior Continuum and MUCH more!

Source: Tier One Viking Radio


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  1. Interesting podcast– this sounds more like a rank… I wish there were more stuff on roles other than Warrior Class. Sadly I was looking for kindred here, and didn’t find anyone.

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