Last Monday of 2015

We made it!

Just a few more days and it’s 2016, and that whole it takes a month to get the year jazz.  Which is one of the more minor irritations when compared to getting ready to do taxes and the like.  (Blech)

I know I haven’t been active here at the blog.   I got back from my break in Oklahoma in early November and stuff is still taking time to click into place.

I managed to get a lot of unwinding done though. However my writing hasn’t come back fully yet.  I’ll be trying to work on Changeling’s Agony: Awakening along with a couple of others that have been hinted at in the past.

Sadly though, I’ve decided to par Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks down.  Only prior customers who I have good relations with will be able to get custom orders or friends of those customers who have an outstanding recommendation.  The shop, will host mostly just toys, shawls, bags and coats. (EDIT: And Cloches.)

Then there was the matter of Choctaw.  Our newest rescue.  Who is only just now turning 4 months I think.  She’s half Cattle Dog (blue heeler) and most likely Jack Russell.  Yeah, I have my hands full.

Barring too many micro chaotic events, the plan is to slowly bring the blog back around into the every other day routines.  There’s a lot of potential waving at me and DR from the other side of the New Year and I honestly have no idea what to expect.

However, I promise to do my best to take you along the way as best I can this next year.  This is a blog about my misadventures anyways remember? 🙂