Meet Choctaw

She just had to do everything Maggie did.

So I found out about Choctaw… via DR’s facebook page posting three-four days before I got back from Oklahoma. Nov. 3rd was when I finally got to meet this fuzzball that I had been so unpleasantly surprised with. This little white with brown ears (whom we suspect is at least half Aussie Heeler due to the freckles) has been a part of the reason why it’s been so quiet around here.  Training a barely two month old puppy was… new.   If you recall correctly, Maggie we think was about five to six months old when she was found by DR.

Yes, this means we’ve gone through  that teething stage, thankfully nothing was too terribly destroyed save one corner of molding.  She has to have chew toys though like rawhides and bones, else she will eat the other toys I make for them.


Don’t let those puppy eyes fool.  She’s a terror.  At first Maggie was not entirely certain what to make of this intruder, though she was also quite happy given the fact that she had gone from playing with really big dogs at the farm to…. that tiny thing.  So as you imagine, they play rough.

Really rough.  It actually scares other dogs at times.

She likes to sleep under my computer chair.

Now something to keep in mind with her being the breed she is, is that she has several instincts that while good instincts… aren’t needed by us here in this (now much smaller apartment).

She learned a large amount of her good behavior from Maggie, who also taught her not to whine or bark at everything that was new.  Between these, I don’t get bored very often anymore let alone lonely.  They are both as goofy as you might think too.

Goofy Case in point.
She’s topped out at about 35 lbs at the time of this introduction.

IMG_20160322_105113And as you can see in a couple of the more recent photos, she’s damn near turned into a huge freckle.

We had at first thought she part Jack Russel Terrier, however with how BIG she’s gotten, we’ve thrown that out the window.

Her nickname is DerpDog.  Unlike Maggie, she’s learned the lessons of the Cactus…the hard way.  She is also obsessed with eating horse and burro poop.  We’re working on that one.


Her first experience with Cactus was the dreaded Choyo cactus.  This occurred in late December 2015.  We had a new spot to watch the sunset at and we brought the girls so that they could be off leash and get some of that energy out.

I happen to look down after we’d been there for an hour and Maggie comes walking up to me with spines in her lip and then leads us directly to Choctaw (whom I thinking she had rather roughly pulled out of the cactus before coming to get us).

Choctaw had not only stuck her nose into said plant…. but then sat down in it… then thrashed around in it.    It took us fifteen minutes to pull everything out.   Then back on the 4th of April (last night from when this was written)….

She found poop… and ate it…without checking to see what the poop was sitting on top of.  That took ten minutes to take care because now she’s older and understand’s more that while it hurts…. she has to hold still else it won’t stop hurting.   She didn’t have any in her ass this time, just paws and her mouth.  (Oh yeah, real fun.)

She had fallen asleep like this waiting for DR to get back from a job interview.

She stuck close on the road near us for the rest of the night need less to say.   Thank the Gods DR keeps a multi tool with pliers in the vehicle.  The comb trick wouldn’t have helped last night.