Journaling pro quo

If you’re familiar with this blog and have read past entries, you’re aware I’ve been dealing with PTSD for about four years now. As you can fairly guess, I do journal.  Sometimes I do day after day after day, but here recently things have reached such a good point, I’ll maybe do an entry once a month now.  Even with trying to incorporate reading a randomly drawn card from one of my oracle decks or tarot card decks, I’m only managing once a week.

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing that I’m not journaling as much but it does feel like I’m missing something because of a lack of desire to write.

Even though I’ve done a lot of digging through journal prompts, journaling styles especially ones that claim to help you organize your life or day better, there’s still this massive lack of daily journaling that I used to a lot of (seriously for awhile there I would almost ritually get rid of my journals once every two or three years because of how many I would have filled up.)

Came across this thing called bullet journaling.  It’s a very neat concept and there’s a lot of info out there on it.  For the folks who can understand it, it works great but for me….I can’t make heads or tails out of it.

There’s a lot of work I have to do still in keeping a structure of some kind in my days.  Between coming back into a headspace where I can do entries here on the blog, getting back to a point where I’m writing for Blue Collar Prepping again is taking a shit ton more work.  Then there’s the work I need to do to get back to working on Changeling’s Agony, on two other stories and a new story that’s been forming.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on getting Jade Rose Zen Threadworks re-organized and vamped back up.  I actually have the store on vacation over at Etsy right now because I’m working on stock.

I’m working on my spellbooks, my work with the Guild is stalled a bit but it’s still there.

And for whatever reason it all feels like it stems back to this plateau I’ve hit with journaling and my journey period.  To be honest I’m not sure if the universe is telling me to chill out for awhile, enjoy the view or if I’m missing something.