New Hobbies…

…because I’m not nearly masochistic enough it would seem, I’ve been bitten by the tablet weaving bug.


Tablet Weaving

Mostly due to the fact I can make a much more accurate belt for my SCA outfit….whenever the hell I get time.  Between DR’s new work schedule and the dogs not quite being at being able to be left alone for more than four hours yet (and we just hit that the other day.)  As if I don’t have enough projects as it is.   I’ve lost count of the sewing things that need done (though some of them can be put off as the items DR isn’t going to be needing yet).

Let’s see there is:

  1. 3 1/2 shark blankets
  2. 1 sturdy pineapple shawl
  3. 1 finer thread pineapple shawl
  4. two scrap baby afghans
  5. one scrap granny shawl
  6. one blue spectrum granny coat
  7. one haven’t decided the stitch yet but the colors are gold and maroon. (very retro which is why I’m struggling with a stitch)
  8. Several dolls that I haven’t even started on yet.
  9. One granny square blanket (that is for future spawnlings).
  10. New set of pads
  11. Reorganize the camping pack (trust me, hobby)
  12. Several hats
  13. at least two more roses
  14. pink/white/pastel baby bib
  15. mosaic coat
  16. four tote bags
  17. four messenger style bags

And this is just some of the stuff minus the shark blankets for the shop stock.