Journaling techniques

Yeah you could say I’m a bit put off by this.   Or obsessed.  So I’m hitting a few techniques that I’ve been finding as I’ve been going through journal and organizing techniques.  With the internet being what it is, there is a LOT of information that can be snagged quickly with only a few keystrokes.  Hell there are online free typing classes and remedial English classes.  (Which I highly recommend for some folks.)

So which technique am I highlighting today?  That would be the bullet journal jazz.  It’s an analog style system that employs the use of a real physical notebook and apparently fills in a rather solid niche for many many people.  Here’s a few links including one to the site that started it all.

Bullet Journal

Boho Berry 

Ray of Sunshine

These are the top three recommended bullet journal explanation sites that everyone else is drawing inspiration from at least one of them if not all.

Like I said in an earlier entry… I don’t grok this system.  I mean I understand how it’s laid out and all that… but that’s it.  However I am learning from this system and will be using elements in the hybrid system it seems that I have forming in the back of my head.

Now oddly enough, as I’ve been digging into this system while I don’t think it would serve me, it would serve my household in an odd way.  Prepping management.   Seriously.

How, I’m not sure yet outside of helping keeping track of finances saved for homesteading/prepping, supplies, animal bloodlines, etc.  I’m going to be digging into this more because I think it’ll work well.