Pattern spotlight I

Time for something a tad different.  I think I’ll be keeping this as a bi-weekly thing as well.

I’m going to start highlighting really cool crochet and knitting patterns as sort a means of inspiration springboarding.  So let’s dig in.

For knitting patterns we have a beautiful knit shawl/scarf called Sivia.  This one is not a free pattern, but if you’ve a ravelry account you can add it to your favorites toot sweet.

For something with a little more cutesy character and a neat little gift for first aid and medical career oriented friends are these  two patterns for a first aid kit.  One done in crochet and one done in knit.

If you’re like me, you love wraps and shawls and the classic Ruana is definitely a hybrid of both.

Then there’s the last pattern for this round.  An adorable blanket.   Mix this one up by doing it in crochet and use as a towel for the kids when at the beach.