Making choices for a better future

It does not boil down to having time for parties, vacations etc, political elections (you’re gonna get screwed somehow regardless of who gets it, sorry).

Those things should only be something you experience wildly when in your early 20’s.  After that, parties and hanging out should be good or new friends in new areas and starting spend quality time with people who don’t make you think in the back of your head “Yeap, you’re zombie bait” or make your teeth grind from jaw clenching.

Facebook and Google + and Tumbler and etc etc etc are one thing.  Yes they can link you up with folks who are similar to you, but they can’t replace the occasional hangout. They can’t replace having someone you love home for part of the day and in the bed next to you.

It means making choices that while you hate making because they cause you minor inconvenience now but pay off later.  Take Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks for instance. I did a lot of work in the first few years taking a lot of custom orders that were awkward to make at best and had buyers back out on a few big ones.  It’s annoying when you make a product but don’t stick to a niche.

Finding a niche has been extremely had for me actually, but I think I have it narrowed down.  I love making the toys, so that stays and they go over well.  I love making the shawls, they don’t sell as well as the toys but I can honestly say, I have unique shawls and those that are owned by several folks have gone over incredibly well.  They stay.  Then there’s bags.  I had gotten away from making those as the ones I thought were going to go over well, weren’t really.  It was the more eye catching tote bags and messenger bags that are really liked and appreciated. So I’ll probably stick with those and have the smaller bags for craft shows.

Then there’s the coats, which are really starting to come into their own.  I enjoy making them and I’m having fun experimenting with the different stitches and colors to really make them start popping.  Those’ll be staying too.  There’s the cloches which I love making and they are enjoyed by everyone who owns one.  Those stay.  I have the neck scarves that incredibly simple but chic (basically mini shawls) and then I’ll have two new things.

Krazy Kolored Kaps, short just over the ear tips scrap yarn hats done in about three different stitch designs for folks who’ve got friends in chemo.  Some folks get really cold in chemo, though I’m aware of at least two people who were always too hot. And, baby gift sets.  These’ll be a couple times a year thing and have : Two baby blankets, baby hats, booties, washcloth set of three, two bibs and one toy.

I’m thinking about not taking customs anymore unless I’ve done business with them before and I know they won’t bitch about paying me half up front.

In relation to JRZT updates, I’m working on getting through all of my yarn stores.  After I’ve got them used up, I’m going to be organizing the stocks into two categories.  One’s that will be listed on the shop and others that will go into a tub for random road booths and a sign that says $5-10-15-20 bucks for anything in the tub, depending on what it is.  Obviously some of the bigger things will be more expensive, and store stock will taken with when I do those things but things like the pineapples shawls are over 150 bucks (the really lacy ones anyways).  Those may not sell but ya never know.

Once the stock has been sorted and such, I’ll be actually working on sorting my yarn “buckets” (fabric drawers that I store ongoing projects in) by size so that I can keep bigger yarn things in the bigger ones, etc.  Then it’ll be time to buy more yarn and keep it carefully separated.  Scraps will be set aside for some very specific projects which are still currently top secret.  Sowwy.

I plan replacing one of my yarn storage units.  It’s starting sag a bit (It’s an old bookshelf) and we’ve found better shelves that take to organizing things as capricious as what yarn can be.  Replacing it with two newer shelf units will be a piece of cake.  The single unit that will be remaining, I’m going to be converting over to prep space.

I’ve been doing a lot of research this winter when bored and have found a few sources of wild edibles that be harvest. Mainly Desert Hackberry and Prickly Pear Cactus.  The goal this summer is to make space so that I can pressure can about half a dozen jars of Prickly Pear Cactus fruits.  Most like 3 syrups and 3 jams.  I know, omg what a huge amount…. well in this home we don’t use a lot of syrups or jams.  3 jars of each will last us a really long time.

I’m planning on canning salsa from the Cherokee Purple plant I just planted yesterday, the green onions, the jalepeno’s and the basil.  Should make for an excellent blend (though because I grew them I imagine they’ll taste better).  At the most we’ll get maybe four jars though, considering DR and I both love picking a tomato straight off the vine, taking a bite and lightly salting it and a tomato-cide ensues.

I’m planning on hitting the farmer’s markets and snagging whatever vegetable deals I can and doing a batch of vegetable chicken soup. I’m planning on Beef stew and at least one other thing.  My goal is to have 30 jars of canned goods, made by me.

See I grew up with my mom canning and while that means giving up yarn space, it’s actually not that horrible because I’ll be going to doing and practicing skills that will come handy.  Given the number of things I can can, it’ll free up more space in the freezer and it’ll help with the grocery bill in the future.

Many of the things we want to do, mean making small sacrifices on things we enjoy doing now so that once we get moved into a bigger place, we start bringing back a little bit more of the older habits (like a space for my sewing with a dedicated fabric cabinet, a dedicated sewing thread drawer set….I’m just going to stop else the rambling with be scary and DR will call me crying because his wallet will be giving him cramps).

The shelves will give us a better place to store the extra water we need and free up space on the kitchen shelves for actual every day kitchen stuff.  Plus, once we get a dehydrator that’ll gives us shelves to get a head start on storing the dried goods (via a water bath method in the mason jars.  Not a good idea to pressure can dried goods I think.)

All these things take baby steps.  Takes being willing to step back and look at the things you keep talking about doing like making space for preps, narrowing in on what you enjoy, not going too over board with the things that make you feel better, cutting back on how often you drink.

Actually taking the time to outline the goals you’ve talked about and work on writing them.  Then breaking each goal down into what kind of work and what has to happen first before it can be achieved.  What tasks in achieving each goal are crossover tasks and get you one step closer to other goals.

This is a part of the work that makes for a genuinely better and more fulfilling future.