Figuring stuff out….obsessively…

IMG_20160421_002636You can ask DR.

When I see something that interests me that I don’t know already how to do…. I go full on ‘Must-learn-basics’ period.  That’s what happened during the previous with the bullet journaling (which has turned into an experiment in seeing what I can’t create within that system to keep tracks of preps) and the tablet weaving.  Today I’ll be showing you the tablet weaving that I went into obsessive learning mode on.

Right now, it’s super basic stuff.  Incorporating an actual pattern of some kind… yeah I’m no fricking where near being able to do that yet.


As you can see this second picture, I have actual nice cards now thanks to DR.  He got them after seeing the cardboard ones I had cut and didn’t like how quickly they might wear out.  The “loom” there is nothing spectacular either, but it gets the job done.  The second picture there, that particular piece is just going to lines of robin egg blue and black.

I have a lot of work to do before I can do patterning like some of the really pretty celtic style knot work.  Still doing a shit ton of research but for the moment, I have the very basic’s of the technique down at least.  And that, I’m proud of.  Never get in my way when I’m learning something new.