Think I got it.

1461790126371-1207653063You’d think with a system like this that I would get it instantly.  Yeah no, apparently not for me.  This system can apparently be made as complex as you want or as simple as you want.  And you can make it as colorful or just black.  I think that’s why it’s so popular in many circles because it’s way more personal.  There are dozens of spreads, ideas, etc that you can experiment with.

The system let’s you find out what works best for you.  Be it dailies, weekly’s or just a monthly spread.

Now many of the folks who use this system like using blank books or graph paper and they all have their favorite pens. Me?  I have a journal I had already been using so I just started using it instead of buying a brand new un-needed blank book.  The first picture is the things I want to accomplish in May, the squares are the dates that I manage to do them by.

1461790093228-854742732 The second picture is the daily spread I’m using.  So far it’s helping me keep up on chores and not get behind anywhere.  Which was the main reason why I stumbled across the bullet journal system in the first place because I was looking around to find a system to help me keep track of such things.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know there’s apps for that.  That’s exactly why I’m not using apps.  I spend enough time with my nose in front of one of three screens as it is (phone, computer, tablet) and I don’t need to spend anymore behind it them.  I can literally turn off the computer, play some music on my phone and sit down thirty minutes before bed and lay the next day, which lets my brain adjust to not having a blaring light in front of my eyes.

I’m also working on trying to figure out a way to adapt this system to keep track of preps, their usage and when more are bought.  I know I can make it work, I just haven’t found the right way for me yet.  And that’s what makes this system so good, is that you have to experiment with the layouts and the suggestions to find what works.  Which is one of the goals the originator of the idea set out to do: Give you room to experiment.  And get more out of life.  I’m just happy having something that is working in helping not get out of whack in my day.