Pattern Roundup

Here we go again with another pattern roundup for everyone.  This time I let random rule the searches and have been able to find quite a few cute patterns.  Once again, I’ll try to keep the ones you have to pay for down to one or two and keep the rest free, but we’ll see what happens.  You may end up with more bookmarks today.

First off under crocheting we have a rather cheeky gift for that friend of yours with chickens or ducks.  Ladies and gents an Egg gathering apron.

From Designer Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby we have a gorgeous throw.  It’s an updated feel to an older doilie design. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that’s where two of my favorite patterns come is updated doilie patterns.  Okay enough teasing, here’s the Mandala Throw, a free pattern.

Since we’re doing a quickie swing through of cheekiness check out these two free Halloween themed patterns in crocheting from Red Heart.  A Top Hat for the Mad Hatter in your family and what’s a costume pattern without a well dressed Pirate Wench.

Oooohhhh Halloween.  As you can guess, it is one of my favorite times of the year though here in Arizona it’s still too hot to wear capes in the daytime and most nights for that matter so dressing witchy and not getting weird looks for it has been shall we say…updated a bit.  For some spooky decor for your Halloween season why not let the Eyes have it? A rather well done, though not free pattern from the lovely Darleen Hopkins is sure to make an excellent gift pattern to the more quirky of your crocheting friends.

Well since we’re bouncing around inside of Halloween theme at the moment, how’s about a knit Witch’s Hat Cozy for your teapot?  Another pattern for the favorite’s list!

Say it’s a might chilly out this coming Halloween.  For those of you with a bit more experience in following knit patterns, this adorable Skull and Hearts cap for free just might fit the bill.

Now how about some dragons? Or snakes?  Or just a nifty tutorial on how to add scales to your knitting?  Heh, knew that would get some of you to pay attention.

And let’s not forget some classics like “Are you my Mummy?”, “How much is the Doll in the window?” or “You’re our only Hope.”  Just be sure to watch out for the big bad wolf  this year Little Red.

Now some of you may be wondering why I would link to some patterns you have to pay for.  Well I have three criteria that I use for linking to such.

  1.  It’s under six dollars.
  2. It’s the actual designer and the links I find go directly back to them.
  3. There’s a good chance that these patterns are that little extra keeping the power on, the rent paid and chickens fed.

Every little thing helps and it encourages the designer to keep working on new designs.  And all crafting people, love new designs.