Back when I was trying (then failed) to enlist, I had started working out so to speak.  AKA doing every PT exercise months in advance so that my times and counts wouldn’t suck cactus needles.  Only time I ever had a decent pushup count.  Well…decent for me anyways.

When shit started falling apart on me mentally, working out went out the window.  The times in the cabin were spent splitting wood and hiking whenever the weather was decent and I could get MindyCat bribed sufficiently.  Which usually entailed at least three pieces of turkey bacon.

DR tried to get me to work out with him not long after we moved in together and quite frankly that didn’t fly well.

However, I’ve made it a goal to start getting into the habit of working out regularly. See, most folks I don’t think realize when your head space reached a certain level of fucked up-ness even just doing simple PT or yoga or pilates just isn’t happening.

I’m rather pleased to be back into a state of being where I’m comfortable and confident enough to be able to work out again.  Now here’s the thing, I’m not aiming for any kind of strength records or maximum charka alignments or yada yada yada.

I’m literally doing only what I need to do right now.  Which is about thirty minutes of yoga on Mon, Weds and Fri.  Main reason for the yoga is joint health.  Stretching out everything and getting everything looser again so that hiking and camping are more comfortable and easier again.  Weights are Tues and Thurs.  Tues is upper and Thursday is legs.

I’m taking Saturday and Sundays off, mostly because I have a lot of other projects both mundane and esoteric that I’m doing on those days.  This is in part hailing back to that bullet journal system I adopted.  I’m able to check off stuff and keep a visual record of what I’ve gotten accomplished during the day and as long as I have the important things done, I don’t have to feel bad about blowing off the rest of the list if I’m not finding the mojo.

Now the hardcore workout idiots will be saying no no no work out on Saturday and Sunday too.  Hey, you do what you want with your time and shut up about how I use mine.  The point is to get into the routine right now.  I’ll ramp it up after doing a 45 day evaluation if need be.

Though amusingly enough, some of the kids asked why I started using the system.  Much to their chagrin the answer was “Means I’ll have more time for crocheting if I’m better organized.”