Project Reveal: Raging Roses

Raging Roses is at this point, long term 16 month prep project for an event that while it is a yearly event, most of the folks who want to go are like me: Gotta plan for it in advance and it’s across the country from most of them.

The event?  Wasteland Weekend baby.  Hosted in California City, CA.

It’s a Mad Maxx, post apocalyptic themed fully immersive outside convention.  EEE! Costumes, cars, music…. what’s not to like?  Unless it’s not your thing.  That’s okay.  We aren’t going to make this year, as many of the Roses have had a tight year financially and most of the rest of this year is going to be recouping. 2017 is our goal, so enjoy the ride I have planned in showing you how we’re building the Tribe.

We’re also going to have three clans in the tribe, just make things a bit easier in terms of coordinating everyone.  These will be Crimson, Sky and Pine clans.

So as you can guess this is going to be a series for this blog.  Today is mostly just focusing on the small touches of cohesion for the tribal look.  Most folks would just probably to the thrift, cut shit up and dye it black or what not.

….black in the desert?  Seriously?  How utterly short sighted.  (If you honestly thought I wasn’t going to go at this from a practical standpoint….you’ve not been paying attention apparently).  Now most of Mad Maxx that we see is these vast continent swallowing desert wastelands.  And California City in CA is the perfect setting.

Now having been a costumer many years in the past, I am approaching this with a bit hindsight that can be applied immediately.  One is being aware of the environment.  Sand.  Lots of gritty, tries to get into everything sand.  Including your shoes.  Anyone with any kind of long amounts of walking, hiking or marching experience will tell you sand is evil in your shoes.

Hiking boots, sneakers etc are much wiser choice for this environment versus anything  with heels.  Don’t believe me? Go walk through a sandbox with even a short heel.  That’s a quick way to roll, sprain or snap an ankle.  Costuming smart means being aware of the ways you could seriously hurt yourself and footwear is one of those areas that most folks seem to really take for granted.

Then there’s the sun and the dehydration concerns.  Experienced costumers from the Wasteland Weekend event will probably agree with me: SUNSCREEN and a Metric shit ton of water.

Eating enough to replace the calories we’re going to be burning.  Holy crapp anyone with con experience will tell you, there are days were eating enough just doesn’t happen and then you start getting the energy drain and the brain fog.  Which can and does at times have a domino effect where you aren’t making smart choices with drinking enough water and taking time to rest.

All of these concerns being addressed, made practical with your costume or camp build choices, means that you get have more fun.  At some point later on here, I’ll be doing a “Hey, here’s my kit post” of the things pulled together for this event to keep misery from trying to join the company.

First thing I’m going to be focusing on is spats or gaiters.  These are going to be crucial for keeping the said insidious sands out of our boots and shoes.  The next few weeks I’m going to be digging through several sites and information sources looking for patterns, seeing if I can design my own and if anyone has a nice multi sized amount of surplus of spats/gaiters that isn’t charging an arm and a leg.  (No pun intended.)

Future posts will see also us going over head gear, arm wraps, armors, camp site touches and hell maybe even gear for the Tribe pets.

Yes that’s a lot of prep work I just laid out.  Hey, who said prepping was just for SHTF stuff? 😉