Author Review : Judika Illes

To1463088198309-1790380578day is going to highlight an author who really hits the sweet spot of this bookworm.  Judika Illes has done a large amount of work in creating encyclopedia’s like the one pictured here.  I’ve had several of her books over the years and they are all excellent additions to any witch’s library.  Spirits is the one we’re going to focus on though for this particular post.

Broken down by alphabetical order and yes everything listed there on the cover, this book is one of those that tends to have a rather satisfying “whomp!” when tossed onto a table.  There are quite a few pantheons in here, not limited to the popular ones either.  Ever wonder why you keep seeing Darth Vader toys jump out at you?  The answer can be found here.  (Baron Samedi apparently likes him.  Not a bad fellow to have in your camp either in my opinion.)

The index is not very well done though, that’s one downside I will state for her book here.  It’s not broken down by colors, pantheon/origin or page numbers.

This while frustrating, just makes for a lovely stroll through the books currently as I am building my own index for the book.  Among her other books are spells, dreams, etc.  She has at least ten if not more encyclopedia’s out and while many of the others are for a more pagan audience, this one is not so nuanced as to be lost on a shelf of any book owner looking for something striking.

Well over 1100 pages of information and a great source for those who’d like to just to have it as even as simple as a research tool.  The source citations number well over 100 and they are cited to the best of space limits.

For those of you who are pagan, a note about buying the used copies if you can find them cheaper:  This book does not hold residual energy. Mine is used and I felt nothing from the prior owners.