When you’re done guffawing….

I’ve seen them three times and heard them in the past three years twice.  Before that several…odd events….

Once upon a time, I was stupid enough to be afraid of them.  These days…if they are in the area they let me know.

Les Stroud once said, there’s a spectrum.  I’m in the middle of his spectrum.  Some day I’ll talk openly about the stories other than to those who need the data points and those I trust.

I would like to become a Bigfoot researcher.  I know they are real.  I want to help find their evidence and advance the work into finding them.

Most folks forget how much of the United States is uninhabited. That is wilderness. There are parts of the North American continent that have never been touched by even Native Americans because it’s that damn remote.

So this is me going HEY ARIZONA BIGFOOT RESEARCHERS!!  I would like to go out with you.  I’m not dumb.  I know I need to go out with people who are used to Squatching so that I know what to look for.  So if you are comfortable reaching out back to me… please do.  You can comment here, I have to approve commenters first before they show so you tell me an email and then tell hey, don’t publish this comment and you will not see the comment appear here.

I’ve been a “ghost hunter” before and I went out with a team that knew what to look for and be aware of.  I won’t break that practice.