Choosing home.

Also just a note for folks, I publish this at 6 am PST which means I think 10 am for those of you on the East Coast.   I’m not publishing them any early earlier than that because some days these don’t get written or finished until about oh…4 am.  0_0  I wish I were kidding….

So today is let’s talk about one of the things that’s been heavy on the back of my mind and that’s the future of the homestead.  DR and I are talking about doing so here somewhere in the farmable areas of Arizona.  Yes they exist and no the entire state is not a fucking desert for fucks sake.  We have a lot of desert but it is NOT the whole of the state.  Hell we even have a small tundra climate at the top of the tallest mountain here: Humphrey’s Peak .   Yes parts of all four Deserts of the North American continent can be found here in Arizona.

Everything from below sea level in a few areas to high alpine.  There are pocket climates however that are fed by the several (!!) rivers and areas that great for homesteading.

Then there’s the plant zones.  We have zones 6a through 9b.  Aaaaannnnddd only a few people are probably going to know what I just said.   Here’s the link and be careful, you can play with the map a little bit.

Then comes into the economy, the taxes, the laws (homeschooling, gun rights, imminent domain, marijuana – this one is due the fact this is a victimless crime, and the rates of conviction in this area can be very telling in how fucked up a state’s police and judicial areas are and homesteading laws, etc).

There’s no “Hey it’s by the ocean and should be fun for parties”, “The schools are good” – Hello! homeschooling; “Diversity!”   …..oh fuck off.  Imposed diversity fucks everyone over.  It’ll happen organically and naturally as people tend to gravitate to those who are like them in at least 50%.  There are people on my friends list whom that’s the maximum I have in come with is 50%.   There’s probably a blog post in that 50% rule somewhere, but I’m dealing with other things like needing to feel I’ve accomplished some writing even if it’s only a blog post and taking a hammer to some issues as stated in my last post…..or maybe it’s a mallet…. huh…..

Let’s see…other factors not as important are things like weather.  DR hates humidity.  I grew up in Northern Indiana which despite what some people, we get it to and there were days I remember that were worse than the worst days in TN.  Hey at least in Indiana, it meant getting to watch popcorn thunderstorms grow and rumble menacingly in distance.   ….yeah I might miss that a touch.  I also miss popcorn and am allergic to corn though that seems to be lessening.

We got skunked last year on the “Monsoon season”.  HEY! Stop laughing. That’s what they call it and I’m rolling with it. Though to be honest there’s been some serious building of conditions favorable to storms so here in the next few days this week it’s probably gonna cut lose.

He likes the cold, I’m in the meh camp.  Finding a good balance also of what’s an acceptable distance from population centers and far enough out for my tastes is the real big one.  As you can imagine…. a homebody like has no problem with an hour drive into town for re-supplying.  DR the PI on the other hand……yeah…..


4 thoughts on “Choosing home.

  1. We looked at AZ and NM. Even in your micro-climates the overall dryness of the area could be an issue. My Witchling was guided to this place in Maine, to which I said, “No f’n way! TOOO COLD!”
    Well it is cold but it’s cold enough that the winters aren’t wet. Turns out it’s the best time to play outside here.
    Of course as a result the spring is very wet. They call it mud season, between winter and spring. It’s an issue.

    Anyway, she assured me the troubles would pass us by. I believe it. Nothing here the parasite class wants. Unincorporated territories away from the coast have very little gov and cheap land.
    Check out Blanchard township.

    It’s a very short growing season but green houses are a cure for that. Lot’s of game you don’t have to walk ten miles for. Constitutional carry. Low taxes. Lot’s of preppers in the hills.

    1. I wouldn’t even consider New Mexico as they have some serious issues, case in point Albuquerque PD and that’s where an ex lives now.

      Hilariously enough, the local um…old stuff, yeah we’ll use that phrase LOL it actually likes me. As weird as that might be given I’ve no local First Nation blood, apparently be respectful does go a long way.

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