Prepping…not just for SHTF.

Hey it was the catchiest I could think of.  Back off.

And Happy Birthday to my DR.  We went camping.

I put my foot down, which is not hard when it comes to camping.  We had gone camping many times before but for only a day and a night. This time for his birthday, I demanded we go camping for two nights and three-ish days.  Naturally he cut me off…as he eagerly made happy sounds about going camping finally for the first time, the two of us for more than one night.  I love my goober.

“Okay…so what did you prep?”

The single most important key thing that makes or breaks all camping trips.  The one thing that causes camping weary to cry in horror or faint in delight -The Food!

Now while I and my friend Rhi managed to keep our food interesting (hell, they let me buy one of their ducks, hold it for killing and spent three hours plucking, gutting and then plotting what to do with nommy nommy nommy fresh duck….*wipes drool*.  My apologies to my vegetarian friends….sort of.) there was still a bit of a hard limit on what we could bring that would be good for three weeks of camping solid and let me tell you something… I’m not ashamed to state towards the end, we went into the closest town and I got some Sonic and some damn potato chips.   Of all the things to crave towards the end of a long camping expedition…potato chips…

I never said I made sense.

So what have I done this tasty time?   Well taking a page from a group that camps a lot, I followed one of the tricks they showed.  Basically, you half  to mostly cook the components for one of your meals and mix them up into a casserole, put into a tin/foil cooking dish, chill for a day or two days depending on how much you are needing to make for how long and then…. put on top of the food!!!! because if you have rice in it, you will need to leave some liquid in it so that the rice can finish cooking.

Once you get camp set up and have your fire going, about 20-30 minutes before your’e ready to eat and have let the fire die down to coals, put your tin dish on the coals.  Boom, dinner.  I did a chicken, zucchini, mushroom and rice with a spicy coconut sauce.

On top of that, we have the standard fare of a corn of the cob (that’s DR’s), some very tasty chicken sausage and beef franks (very Evie friendly and damn tasty and no you can’t have any), sliced potatoes with bacon pieces in between each other potato slice (hellllooooo breakfast. =D ) and steak.  Well…sorta steak.

It’s actually a roast round (you know the big ones that get thrown in crock pots).  I found I like using the biggest cuts for what I need to terms of red meat needs.  For one it’s easier finding them on sale which will make them cheaper by the pound. Secondly, I’m able to cut it up into whatever size pieces I need or want and then the scraps and fats, etc can be cooked up lightly for the Dogs.  Oh they are going to love this camping trip.

So after practicing some proper hand postures while punching the steak to tenderize it, I seasoned them simply with salt, black pepper, dried lime and garlic powder.  Let them sit for about ten minutes before making I’ve wrapped them flat in tin foil.  Stacked them into a big ziplock bag and then…wait for it…put them back into the freezer.  See it June here in Arizona and while Mingus Mountain is around 7k+ feet up, it’ll still be pretty warm and the cooler will need all the help it can get, hence the freezer.

The steaks were dinner for the second night, after having spent much of the day thawing out but keeping the cooler at a good temperature so as not to worry about any food spoilage.

Let’s just say, Nom.