How’s it…going? Hanging? Hooking?

Well if you recall from prior posts my insomnia came screaming back.  At this point I’m just kinda like MEH.  It’s not subdued and it’s not going away any time soon.  So what am I doing in the meantime?

Why crocheting of course!

Ya should have seen that one coming….

So what all am I working on?

Project one is finishing off an order for Sharkies for a friend.  He asked for two adult and three kids and I’m just gonna be glad when I finish it’s been a not good spring and early summer for focusing on crochet projects.  Yeah, you read that right, I’ve been having trouble focusing on crochet. I’ve been getting an average of 300 stitches a day.

That’s not that many for me.  I on good days average waaay more than that.   ……you know I’ve actually never counted my stitches on a good day because of much I usually get done on normal days because it’d be an astronomical number.

Project two is a granny square coat.  There are a lot of really nice coats.  There’s Example A , Example B and Example C.  The last one being my personal favorite in terms of what’s been done with the granny square in non-hey-look-someone-cut-up-that-old-afghan-from-the-back-of-the-sofa.  Experimenting with colors and different yarn types with the simple stitches like this are what yield unique and elegant pieces.

Project three is a Pineapple Shawl.  Now my pineapple shawls have developed over time a unique quirk in them.  They are big.  They all have flaws unique to each one made (not deliberate, honest!).  I’ve been using more unique yarns to make them as well.  Pictures once it’s done. Promise.

Project four is another coat, however this one is going to be a touch more unique. It’s in a gorgeous maroon and gold color scheme. Not quite retro 70’s gold and dark maroon, but even to really give it a nice take back look.  I’m also using a drop stitch.  It’s gonna be killer.

Project five is top secret.  Sowwy.  There’s so many pieces and so much work in P5 that it’s going to take awhile to finish and I’m not going to make another like it.  Oye.

Project six  is finishing a blue and urban camo coat.

Project seven is finishing DR’s and I’s afghan.

Project eight is making building a stock of chemo caps and premie hats.

And with being up late and sleeping less than optimal…means I’ve plenty of time. Let’s not get into the several pages of ideas for new crochet projects that I’m NOT starting but writing down.  I’ve enough on my plate.  Adding seconds before finishing firsts, is just rude.


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  1. I’ve been sewing the last week– 😉 I took all of my T-shirts and then tailored them to fit around the neck and bust area. It was a relief to actually have repurposed T-shirts and tanks instead of buying more. And it was creatively fun.

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