Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks

Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks!
The goal is to have the Etsy shop out of vacation mode and back up and running by August 1st. I’ll be accepting orders again through there, and there alone.  
HOWEVER, there’s going to be a waiting list policy from now on. Three active ongoing at any one time. First come, first served basis.
I have been trying to see if there’s better sites than Etsy, but Etsy still comes out ahead in terms of just better fees all around.
I accept Paypal and debit/credit card over on Etsy.
No, I can’t see your information.  No, I can’t charge you anything that wasn’t a part of the listings that you might purchase.  Yes, I can refund your money…but only if you return the item.  Complaints will be met with a “No refund without the item(s) in question being returned.”   You aren’t going to be keeping my work for free.
The next few weeks I’m going to be getting a lot of photography work done (I hope) and getting listings and the like ready. Along with finishing a few more items of stock. Once we’re back up and running be sure to check the page I have here at the blog for updates.