Creative Process

As folks may have noticed, I’m still working getting it back.  It went “Ka-BLOWY!” on me about a year ago and it’s been an up hill climb though along the way there’s been some new things learned, new hobbies, new techniques to reign in my ADD aka over the place tendency and new information on old things that are in the category of “GODS DAMNIT!”.

So what’s helping me get back into my groove?


My normal Saturday night game is good just keeping in contact with folks more normal than me (ya’ll really are at times).  I’ve been playing a mobile game called Summoner’s War for almost two years now, but there was something missing.  Between picking up Pokemon Go (Team Instinct!  Seriously… me on a red team or the blue team… ugh guys, you don’t even know me *sobs*)

Angry Birds (Oh yeah.  You know it.)  Final Fantasy Record Keeper (YEHEHEHEHEH!!!) Star Wars Uprising.   The game to round everything out was Wizard 101.  I can play all of these games and be crocheting or knitting while playing them.  Yeah, you read that right.  And since the mojo is back in crocheting, the writing is very very slowly following.  Like trying to grab the ground screaming and crying, following.  Oye.

Gaming helps but in way I don’t quite fully get.  I know it’s giving my brain exercise in creative ways.

“Well what happens when you get bored with them or run out of content?”

Eh guess I’ll find a new game or take one of the myriad of free classes online.  Staying on top of my creative process and giving such things plenty to chew is damn important.  A lesson I know well, but that keeps getting new bits and pieces of information added to it.