Never underestimate the little things.

How little?

Something as insignificant as washing your face when you first get up.

Say wha Evie?”

I’m sure everyone’s noticed it’s been stupid quiet minus the occasional re-share of another blog article.  Well, I’m sure you remember me talking about having found something called bullet journeling.   Well, I’ve been working my way through improving my own take it on it and something happened.

I noticed I wasn’t taking care of myself as well I could be.  This is a symptom of depression and PTSD, that I had forgotten could be a warning sign of incoming bouts with that brick wall punching bag.  How bad was it?  I was showering like…every eight or so days.  I wasn’t doing a lot outside therefore wasn’t sweating a lot.  But…it just wasn’t important.  Everyone can attest to how much better one feels after a shower.  It’s a small way to induce endorphin’s into your system and really help lift your mood.

Things like brushing your hair and teeth. Keeping your nails clean (which is crucial) when you’re working with yarn and fabrics.  I found myself keeping an eye on my daily activities more because of the new system and I started noticing patterns, which is something this system allows you to keep track of.  A week  is easy to look over and see how ‘on the ball’ you are in taking of yourself.

Thankfully, while my depression bouts are waaaay more minor than years past, I’m starting to notice that weeks were I didn’t stay on top of my self care, the next week suffered in terms of productivity in taking care of projects and the apartment.  So I have a very specific section now: Vitamins, brushing my hair and teeth, Showering, Exercise.

It’s helping but I’m still working on staying on top of it.  It take about two ish weeks it seems to pull fully out of slumps right now.  My goal is to get that reduced to just a week over the next year.  I realize that may seem like a paltry goal to some folks, but that’s a realistic one for me and when/if I manage to do better, it’ll just be a sweeter victory.

Also as you can imagine, because of the fact I’m noticing these patterns of depression and working on lessening the slumps, it affects my writing. Even the silly posts like this get affected.  However, small steps will continue to be made and will continue to work.  I’ll keep you posted as best I can.