Why do I do this to myself?

Why do I spend hours looking at and reading hundreds of topics, knowing I will never use 90% of any of that knowledge?  Why do I indulge my curiosity so much? Because I don’t like feeling dead. I have plenty of people I know that are dead like that.

Take today for instance. I’ve been researching cabin blueprints.  Now, I know I’ll most likely never get to live in a cabin again until we’re in a situation with enough land to sustain having two houses and I build my own cabin.  (Yeap, already been reading through the dozens of techniques of doing such building, the tools needed etc.)

I went through the rabbit hole of solar and wind energy and that will continue to stay a rabbit hole I go through frequently as I plan on using a combination of energy sources for the future homestead.

But I’m afraid I’m stuck in OMG CABINS! mode. Some of the most elegant things I’ve been seeing in a home have been recent cabin designs by enthusiasts of the more rustic feel.  I already know how the outside is going to look, with it’s wrap around covered porch. Been trying to decide which parts I’d also like to screen in. There is going to a rail garden of herbs and flowers.

Yeah, I’m just dreaming right now.  Loft beds in the attic and a roof area for star gazing.  Let’s not get into the main bathroom as that is going to be insanely decadent. A standing shower separate from a bath tub big enough to lay down in and not have my knees above the water.  The chimney from the fireplace in between the bath tub and shower so as to heat the bathroom and keep it comfy.

Let’s not get into the other things that are on my list of “Little things that would be nice.”


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