Rambling on.

I’ve been musing on how to fully utilize this blog and there are a few ways that I can put it more fully to use other just the occasional word dump or I’ve been able to finally articulate bits and pieces of what I’ve been dealing. I want to push Jade Rose Zen Threadworks more. I want to focus more on my fiction writing.

I’ve been evaluating the various projects that I have my various irons in and have plans for ending my involvement with some of them and pushing several back onto the back burners as I can’t work on them right now anyways as the ground work projects are stalled a little bit.

There was the plan of going to Wasteland Weekend that has been abandoned for this year at least as there’s just too much going on behind the scenes here at Hively-Zinn Casa that is interfering with gathering supplies for it and just wouldn’t end up be a wise choice for us. Especially with it being a month after JackFest.

There’s two other new things I am gong to be working on but let’s go ahead and get this list laid out so that the map I have in my head will make sense for everyone.

  1. Write at least a dozen more articles for Blue Collar Prepping but make it clear this is my last year.
  2. Write and publish articles here for new listings for the store as it may have help drive up traffic and hopefully sales as well.
  3. Finish at least one of my manuscripts.
  4. Build up an inventory for JackFest of pot holders, washcloths, shawls, a few blankets, and a couple other ideas that I’m keeping to myself for now.
  5. Save up enough money so that we are able to move into a bigger place with a yard with a fence or can be fenced in, washer and dryer hookups, a garage and three bedrooms.
  6. Buy a brand new desktop.
  7. Buy a dress form and a head mannequin.
  8. 100 items for the charity project I’m working with this year.
  9. Get at least ten of my recipes written down.
  10. Start designing the future nursery that will hopeful be needed by this time next year. (I’m holding my breathe on that one.)
  11. Build myself a little bit of a reputation as a rock hound, which means also investing in a rock hammer, a couple of really good field guide books.
  12. Begin to work on becoming a Mythologist. Yeah you read that right. I’ve always been inspired by Joseph Campbell so I’m going to put in some work in following in his footsteps this year.

So those are the main ten things.  I’m keeping it simple. Twelve goals that will be easy to achieve.  Anything else I get done this year will be bonuses.  There are other projects that I’ll start outlining once the appropriate project on the list above is done but those twelve  things are the main things that I am going to be working on.

One of the problems I’ve been noticing is that I’m not keeping tracks of what all I’m involved with as well as what I could be. That’s changing this year. My hope is that it will also make it easier for me to deal with some of my problems more efficiently.

Side goals are including setting up the new yard with container gardens, building a crib, getting my rocking chair (finally), build new (sturdier) bookshelves and pantry shelves, buy a camera for better product photos, sell a thousand dollars worth of product this year, sew more things, starting canning and packing dehydrated foods, and start our human family. Though some of these have a higher chance of happening than others.

So that’s the goal map so far. 2017 is going to be what I make it. Each day I will be working towards making each and every choice more concisely, consciously and clearly. Mindfulness applies to everything and it is the key to balance. This year I will balance my life, my home and my work more so that past years.