Wabbit Season!

Shortly to be followed by Duck Season.

…You think I’m kidding? I have a 14 lb duck in the freezer waiting for space in the fridge. 😛

So here recently we got a rabbit for a second time. (The first time didn’t work out too well.) In case you’re wondering, they are good when done right but the leftovers tend to be…challenging. Especially if you do it as simply as I did. Also for those wondering, yes Maggie begged the entire time and every time I made something with the rabbit.

Rabbit got thrown into the crockpot on low heat for over six hours and yes there were a decent number of drippings however I don’t have recipes for that part as I dropped the bowl a couple days later on accident.  Made the dogs VERY happy.  I kept it simple with a dry rub of salt, pepper, dried garlic and dried basil. Put about one cup of water in the crockpot with it.  One done rabbit and the end result after de-boning about 6-8 cups of shredded meat.

DR used a lot of it up in rabbit omelettes. And yes those are as good as you think.  But after awhile those got boring and I had already tried once at making rabbit patties. So this is the recipe after the ironing out cooking time. Ya’ll should feel damn special I actually measured everything instead of guesstimating. Now the inspiration for this was, you guessed it, Tuna Patties.

1 cup of rabbit
1/3 cup of green bell pepper
1/4 cup of a colorful bell pepper (I used red, but you can use yellow or orange as well)
2 eggs (Duck eggs work great for this!)
Salt and Pepper to taste

For variety try out:
1/4 cup of green onions
1-3 tsps of cumin (depending on how much you love cumin)
Sriracha sauce
Fresh garlic and Cilantro

Chop your rabbit up really really finely. I found out the hard way that even when you debone rabbits by hand, it’s really easy to miss several of the smaller bones, so chopping finely should help you find the ones you might have missed.

Chop your bell peppers finely as well, so that when it’s mixing time, it blends more evenly.
Add your seasonings and then your eggs. (Note for those of you who decide to try with duck eggs, be careful as you well know the shells are way harder to crack and way easier to end up with a small piece of shell in your batter.)

Now mix! I like to grab a food prep glove and use my hand but a fork will work just as well. Not thick enough you thinks? Add a teaspoon of tapoica starch or flour.  Add only a teaspoon at a time. It’s too easy to make this into a loaf recipe if you’re not careful!

Now these can be cooked in any oil that is your favorite.  Wanna give them a spin? Try a combo of avocado and peanut oil.

Ideal temperature is 6 or just a touch to the left of medium heat. Wait until your oil is hot before adding the patties.  Now if you are making “normal” sized burger patties use a 1/4 flat bottomed measuring cup to scoop up, scrape it flat and then you can use the bottom to quickly flatten the patty after you’ve dropped it.
Wanna make them into sliders? Use a tablespoon measuring spoon. Again, make sure to scrap flat and then press quickly after dropping it.

Now comes the tricky part. How long to leave it on this first side. Well, it’s not that tricky really. As you watch it fry, tilt your pan. If your patties slide easily it’s almost time. Wait until you can see bubbles on the edge of the patty. It’s time to flip when the bubbles in the patty pop and then don’t fill back in with batter. (Same way you tell when a pancake is ready to flip.)

They should be golden brown at this point. Once flipped about 3-4 minutes, just sure the egg is cooked all the way through.

If you made full sized so speak, you’ll get anywhere from 4-6 patties, depending on big you think a good patty should be.
With sliders, you’ll get anywhere from 8 to 12, making it a great appetizer for friends to try out.

How can I make it more like Keto?
Leave out one of the bell peppers and have it on lettuce.

Rabbit patties
The lettuce in this instance is SO THAT I CAN EAT MORE OF THEM!

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