Break it down! …just don’t hurt yourself

Now stop!

Have you seen how many damn social sites there are these days?  It’s enough to leave you googly eyed for the rest of your life. I’ve been racking my brain thinking on ways I can try to increase the number of eyes that see my products.  I work from home and while it’s not essential that I bring in income, it helps and gives us more the save and put back in the long run towards buying our own property.

There’s Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, this blog, and MeWe.

So right now it’s the Etsy store and TeeSpring.  I’d like to have a third option but I’m not sure what that third thing is gonna be. I know I can’t write well enough or fast enough to be utilize that. Once we get the gardens going, that will help save money.

By combining multiple small sources, it can add up.

I’m thinking twice a week evaluations of the stores and choosing on the mediums per day to share listings on.  I have to self promote.

….I fucking suck at it… but I keep trying.



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