Figured a piece out

So with all the chaos of the move having calmed down some, I’ve been able to take it a bit more easy in the day.  I’ve noticed what I think is helping with my overall mental state: This house has nine windows in it.

There is SO DAMN MUCH NATURAL LIGHT ABLE TO COME IN and my studio is situated perfectly.  During the winter time I’ll be getting a lot more light coming in because it’s south facing window (and faces the backyard so that I can keep an eye on the doggos when they are out there).   Yes a dog house is on the project list.

It’s saddening in a way though because I can’t help but wonder if the fact the apartment was damn dark and closed in that contributed heavily to the slump I experienced last year that lasted for several months.  I think it’s safe to say it is.

In terms of my sleep schedule, it’s been acting a touch weird.  I’ve had two nights where I was up very late (almost 5am one day and past 6am the other).  Midnight a few times, 2am other nights.  I’ve gone to bed before midnight a few times.  I’m waking right now between 9 am and 10:30 am almost regularly. Even if I’ve gone to bed late as fuck.

I feel like I’m just kinda floating around right now. I’ve been careful not to push too hard if I feel my stress or anxiety starting to rise but here it’s been so damn easy to deal with so far.  I step into the back yard (which has been cleaned more thoroughly but is at the ‘bend over and pick it up’ stage of cleaning) or sit at my counter with a cup of coffee or tea.

This house is an upgrade.  In more than just having yards to kick the dogs into when I need to clean.


One thought on “Figured a piece out

  1. Yes, there is such a thing called Seasonal Affective Disorder. There are many aspects to it, but depression due to lack of certain wavelengths of light is definitely one aspect. So I am not surprised that you are experiencing differences.

    Another aspect that is likely what is affecting your sleep is the fact that the internal clock is now resetting as a result of the increased light. Don’t be surprised if you start getting up and going to bed earlier. This isn’t a bad thing, because your nervous system is automatically trying to maximize the amount of light you get. Relax and go with the flow. You’ll feel better for it.


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