Attention Food Service Employees: Don’t Be That Asshole

The Liberty Zone

When I was in college, I worked at a Bennigan’s at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. I loved that job. I had lots of fun, my coworkers were terrific. Customers ranged from demanding tourist assholes, to demanding, non-tipping assholes from the projects down the street, to fun business people and cops – lots and lots of cops. Those guys were the best. They’d come over after they got off duty, order beers, and tell stories. SO many stories!

Dealing with people is hard. I fully understand that. Some people are just jerks, and they treat wait staff like their own personal slaves. And dog forbid you don’t immediately cater to their every whim!

Yo! I want that couch seat (booth). I don’t like this one.

Hey, can you have the cooks put exactly 1/4 cup of Alfredo on my pasta – no more, no less!

I forgot to ask you for…

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