Ramping it up

And we’re back to our irregularly scheduled boring shit that is me gushing about Arizona, yarn related stuff, witchcraft kinda, my progress with my PTSD and other shit and the occasional reblog. Though I really should be trying to have a new post every week at least.  I made my hands sore with that last article.  Then again it took two hours in-between googling things and re-typing paragraphs that I felt were coming across a little too me like.  There’s normal me and then there’s reporter me. Reporter me should sound engaging and professional. Reporter me is damn rusty.  I liked having her out and about for a bit.

Probably won’t have her out again for awhile.  Unless I just feel ornery about something. Who knows? Not me at the moment.

So updates on the house: Still dealing with a manager that’s just fucking lazy. Still have three things that need taken care of.

It seemed like it got hot sooner this year, but that just might because of the fact I have two yards that need work. I literally can’t do anything in either right now outside of making sure the compost fence is intact and making sure the fences aren’t getting worse. Once the temperatures break in August/September, I’m going to be sunburned from the amount of work I’ll be doing outside.

From the looks of it, we can grow starfruit here in Phoenix even during the summer time.  Apparently they love it.

The citronella plant is happy as a clam as are my green onions.  The Aloe is going to need it’s own pot sooner than expected.

I’ve prioritized all current work’s in progress crocheting projects for this month.  No new projects, unless custom orders . Once they’re done, I’ll show them off no worries.

Been thinking about doing a couple more book reviews as well, just so that I can forgive myself from taking time away from crafting to read for pleasure.

We were going to go hike Mt. Humphrey’s for DR’s birthday, but my monthlies look like they’ll be interfering.  We were going to do it then instead on Summer Solstice.  The sunset from the highest peak in Arizona on Midsummer?! Yes please.  However, we’re too damn tight this year finance wise because of having freshly moved still.  Oye.  I think that’s the part that I hate the most about moving is that it can take up to three months for things settle down enough to really be able to start doing the fun stuff.

Which will work out in this instance because that puts us close to or in fall weather. Yay.

My second studio window, is the only south facing window in this household. Ever since getting the curtain up, it’s made the studio a lot more bearable.  I used quilting cotton swatches for the curtain so I still get a decent bit of light coming in, but it’s not direct light anymore.  Which I find I like better.  At least in the summer time. Though that does mean in the Winter time, the sun will be shining directly in that window…but in the winter time that will be okay because the temps won’t be grossing 100+ degrees.