A glimpse at my creative process: All about that yarn

It’s a pretty common question I get actually: “How do you come up with these ideas?”

I have a tendency to need to keep my hands moving. Hence why you’ll never see me with a fidget spinner as my mom taught when I was a wee girl so that I’d stay out of trouble. I should have done more crocheting as a teen as I think that would have helped me stay out of my head those years.  I really really wish I could have had the coping mechanisms I have now back then. I digress.

So how does the process start?
One of two ways. Either it’s a favorite pattern of mine to make like the PineApple Shawls  that I want to try a new yarn color with or it’s yarn itself that I want to try and shape into something that shows the yarn’s color, softness, etc.

Nine times out of ten, I have a 3D image in my head of what it is that I hope to be end result. It doesn’t always work out.  And when I say doesn’t always work out, I mean the IMG_20170606_162436228_HDRyarn changes the idea many times half way through the project.  Take the very colorful project here. That was originally going to be a vest, showing as an example what I wanted to see for representing the Guild.  A close to full spectrum of colors and their transitions.  Instead… after getting through the greens the yarns nudged it towards being a baby blanket.

For those of you wondering that is the lovely Moss Stitch that is being used.  I might make another one and sell it, but this one is mine.  Starting to try to have kids is on the agenda for this year.  I need about… eh, two more baby blankets after this.  I think the magic number seems to around four for most kids.