Product review: Cotton yarn

DANGIT! I forgot to schedule this one.  Oh well, better late than never.

Okay so we’re doing to do a quickie review of the Hobby Lobby brand “I love this Cotton”.  I had picked up a skein of it to test it out for pads (This pattern is actually going to be updated in the next week as I’ve figured out slightly better joinings for the layers).  It’s a much softer cotton that the Peaches & Creme and Sugar & Cream cotton yarns that you can find anywhere that sells yarn.

It doesn’t work well for pads.  At all.  I’ve had them made for about six months now and I’m going to have to throw them away once I get replacements made.  They stretched way out to the point I can’t even use them for anything but very light days.

Now this cotton I can see being useful for baby toys and washcloth’s for babies as it’s the perfect softness for that and will probably hold up better for those uses.

So the Creme series is still the better cotton yarn for the re-usable pads. It’s not as soft, but I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter after the first wash, it loosens up and becomes more comfortable.  I don’t even notice it 99% of the time.  So there’s that and I’ll see ya’ll next time.