Knee-Jerking to Assumptions

The Liberty Zone

A beautiful young girl was murdered in Virginia yesterday, and a 22-year-old illegal alien has been charged in her death. Police found Nabra Hassanen’s body in a pond after she was kidnapped and savagely beaten with a baseball bat. The 17-year-old was walking back with a bunch of friends from a local IHOP back to the mosque where they were observing Ramadan when Darwin Martinez Torres accosted the group.

Snuffing out a young life, a life full of joy, a smiling future full of promise – it’s a heinous crime no matter how you stack it.

But that’s not enough for some, who choose to immediately claim bigotry and Islamophobia, merely because the young girl was wearing a headscarf.

The usual suspects like the HuffPost are screeching about vulnerable Muslim women of color.

The victim’s father proclaimed he was “100 percent” sure Nabra Hssanen was targeted because…

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