When Sanity Hangs by a Thread.

Sit down.

We need to talk.

Pour something. There’s chilled everything because this is Arizona in the summertime. We don’t do not chilled right now.

I’ve recently come under fire in messages for my work. The crocheting and tshirts, but specifically the crocheting. Specifically why that’s my thing and why I talk and post about it as frequently as I do. The store on Etsy and the attempts to set up exclusive swags.

Yarn hack. Whore. Worthless. Lazy. Too submissive of a female for my own. Stupid. I’ve had the full gauntlet of attempts at insults thrown at me. From all sides of all types.

Those are the common things. There were a couple that made no damn sense because I think that person was drunk on liquid courage. Seriously, stay off sites that aren’t movies or music if you’re drinking heavily.

Let’s get one thing straight.


And if you think I’m going to let go of one of the few skills that I have and that I do well enough to actually feel comfortable being semi-arrogant in my level of talent you are as stupid as you are blind.

I’m not going to back off from crocheting or knitting or doing anything creative. I’m not going to stop working with one of the things that helps make time pass. That helps in a lot of small ways and always add up to something big in the end.

My sanity doesn’t ride on your opinion of my craft. My sanity and ability to function ride on me and me alone. There are literally projects all over the house damn near that I have set up specifically to make taking care of this house easier. I don’t want to sweep? That’s okay, I’ll do a row on this blanket.

Dishes? I have this coat project I can add a row to.

Crocheting is a way to pick up momentum for the express purpose of getting things done. It’s a labor of love and an addiction to the satisfaction of holding something in my hand that I made. Something I brought into existence. This is why creatives suffer at the hands of the uncreative. We bring things into existence. The uncreative know they will never feel that satisfaction.

Which is I don’t spend time on insults normally. But with us having had a hit to our financial situation, I pushed the Teespring hard on FB, which seemed to just unleash a torrent of BS.

*shrugs* I am the bigger person most of time. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re not worth my time.

I’ve a crocheting technique to master. This is the last time I will ever acknowledge any small minded criticisms of my work.





2 thoughts on “When Sanity Hangs by a Thread.

  1. I’m with you. If you enjoy crocheting, you should do it. I do it when I need to calm down. Ignore those idiots. They are just jealous that they don’t have a talent. You do such beautiful work btw.

  2. heh..small minds are easily confused. I learned how to crochet myself. Any kind of knot-work is worth knowing. Anything constructive anyone can do, I’m interested in.

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