Creativity peptalk

Or conversely where Evelyn tries to get several folks I know to stop feeling so bad about not being productive.

…. ready for failure? Cheerio, off we go.

Do you have your days mapped out? This is a serious question. Have you on days where you feel like you’re just not getting anything done, paid attention to everything you’ve done on that day? I’m going somewhere with this, sit tight.

Have you been honest with yourself about how much time you’re spending on social medias like Tumbler, Facebook, etc? Anything that is a social get together site. Have you been honest about how much you’re spending on it with yourself?

How about sitting in front of NetFlix? Or Amazon Prime? Or YouTube? Watching new things that require you to engage in the show?

When was the last time you spent all day just listening to your favorite albums through the years? ALL. OF. THEM.  and not shared them to webs?

Most folks by this point know I deal with depression and PTSD and anxiety daily at varying levels of intensity. Scary thing: I started seeing that if I didn’t have a certain type of music going that is very uplifting for me overall, being on social media sites was depressing.  I was starting my day with something depressing. Adjustment and counters were experimented with and I found that a station on Pandora based on David Arkenstone’s music worked.

So here is suggestion number one:
Don’t go onto social media immediately after getting up. Don’t scroll through with your first cup of coffee. Don’t even look at your email.  Give yourself about 15-30 and some folks you should give yourself even as much as an hour.  If you’re christian, make that your morning devotional time. If you’re an atheist make that your daily reading time of something of a book or go sit outside and enjoy it the day. Play with your pets, share a cup with your SO or make breakfast.
Don’t engage with the outside world immediately.

If you have online shops like Etsy, Teespring and an Ebay… don’t check it daily. Take and give yourself two days a week, they don’t have to be back to back, and don’t look. Leave it alone. That can act as a source of stress that will aggravate the rest of your shit and make it easier to lose control of your day.

Suggestion number 2:
Give yourself permission to take time off from your main and secondary sources of income or hobby. Literally ignore them and forgive yourself for feeling bad about ignoring them. You have to let yourself take genuine breaks.

Part of why folks begin to lose their productivity is burnout. Burnouts can be avoided. But you have to honest with yourself about your time usage. Because seriously, burnouts fuck over everything in your life. They affect everything when they happen and you don’t deserve to experience an burnout. No one deserves crashing and burning. You shorten your life with those.

On the days where you’re trying to force yourself to work, stop pushing so hard. If you have a story that’s been fighting you, back off of it. Go back to the beginning of the story and just start reading it. Do a little editing as you go, you may find yourself adding a paragraph here or there that just works better with the story and by the time you reach the current end you might have the story flow again and can add stuff to it. Punishing yourself for not being to write isn’t going to let you write (I speaking for experience on this and think this is part of the reason I’ve only one short story ( Nullifcation ) finished.  I had to give myself permission to take my time on it. I had to let myself ignore it for a few days and I re-read that sucker multiple times over to re-catch the flow.

If you crochet a lot or knit or sew a lot and have multiple projects ( I hope you made a tag for the crocheted and knit projects that has the hook/needle size on it!) add just a few stitches to all of the projects. Yes all of them.  Even if you’re only finishing a row or changing a color or just adding a few inches of stitching, you’re still accomplishing something.  You’ve made progress on all of your projects and you can set them back down and go on with your day with that bit of accomplishment to help you take care of your household and yourself.

I’ve been finding I have to give myself permission to not feel bad about having projects unfinished. I’ve been finding I have to give myself permission to be upset I can get the camera I want, or the dress form I want or the amount we’re lacking in our bank accounts to step up everything I do.  I have to give myself permission to let that annoyance go.

Suggestion three:
Give yourself permission to be annoyed and then let yourself let go of it. If you’ve run over in your head the situations a thousand times over, one more time isn’t going to show you what you might have missed. Deliberately set projects aside. Mentally see yourself looking at a project and saying “I’m going to take a break from you. It’s time out for you.”

Putting things on the back burner, does not equal giving up on them. It means you’re taking a break and your sanity and creativity will thank you.