Basically….books of spells…

And no, I’m not talking about the published spells on the internet or in books. (I have my favorites but those are for another day.)

No kiddies we are going to be talking about your personal books of shadows, grimoire, spell book or whatever the hell you’re calling it.  We are going to talk about something that has really been starting to annoy me with some of the pagan fandom.


This inexplicable desire to mock another person’s spell book. To tell them it’s too messy. It has to be neat and tidy and practical. That you have to have one at all.  Personally I’d recommend having at least a basic one with correspondences in it. However there are some folks who don’t have even a digital one but they still as magicky as I am, so power to you folks who can do that.


Me I wouldn’t be able to remember my colors let alone moon cycles if I didn’t write it down at least once. And with the memory problems, writing stuff is the only way anymore to make sure I’m remembering correctly when I commit to a magickal action.


Back to the main point, there is some petty ass shit going on with some of these bitches. They are forgetting a very key point: A person’s book of spells is very personal. It’s a reflection of who they are as an individual and as a practitioner of magickal arts. Sadly this tendency ties into some other blanket thinking that is harmful to the community such as:

  • demanding all practitioners be vegan
  • we don’t use weapons ever
  • it’s okay to curse everyone (seriously the amount of energy you waste doing that is repulsive to me. Just flip the fuckers off and move on.)
  • That it is not okay to have a shrine to a, b, c because “cultural appropriation REEEEEEEE”.
  • etc etc etc


They engage in very collectivist thinking. They hate the people who are able to show their individuality with their spell books. They hate the people who are able to draw very lovely pieces of crystals into their books. That take the time to work on a page here and a page there, gluing in magazine cuttings or printed off pen sketches or writing very slowly so as to make it’s legible.

They hate that not everyone is using three ring binders, hole punched scrap book paper and bic pens. It smacks them in the face every time they see it that not everyone is doing what they think they should do.   Me? I’m jealous.  I admit. There are witches out there that are damn good artists and I am still practicing to be able to even get a damn tulip right. LOL









You wanna know why Asatrau has become so damn popular? tumblr_otb5zutIUN1u6g8pyo5_1280

It’s not because of the shows. It’s because the faith demands your best and your absolute honesty about who you are.  It demands your individuality be true. Most Asatrau I know don’t have spell books and if they do, I’ve never had the privilege of seeing it as those are probably intensely personal and the kind of thing to only be shared with liked minded tribe. (Yeah there are bunch of dick heads who try to practice it because they also are nazis and that’s papa Hitler idolized however, they ain’t practicing it right and it ain’t the real deal that they are showing.)


The tendency to demand conformity in any way in the Pagan fandom, is toxic. Period. It’s an infection from politics that doesn’t belong.

So folks, if you have a spell book, pimp it out. Get down with your witchy self in decorating it and putting things into. Cuz it’s a part of you and should show it.