Photo Credit Oleg Volk And YES, that is me.
Photo Credit Oleg Volk
And YES, that is me.

Welcome The Wandering Witch.

As the header says, this is where the misadventures that are my life get detailed and from time to time they end being actually adventures. From prepping to crocheting to knitting to time with my fiance to cooking to magick to whatever else I end up feeling like talking about.

Here at The Wandering Witch you will find the main page with all the blog posts, this bio and three other pages that I’d like to call your attention to. The first is the first story I’ve managed to write without any overly serious “write-yourself-into-a-corner” syndrome so far. That would Changeling’s Agony: Awakening. The first in a series of what looks like right now four books.

The second page is Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks. This is where you will find in future days links to my crocheted work. Crocheting was my first creative love and is still my main “job”.  I put that in quotation marks because it is rarely actually work for me. 🙂

The third page is a collection of short stories in progress. When You are the Wife of a PI. Oh yes, there is going to be a lot more done in that one.

Yes I’m a libertarian gun loving Witch. When you’re done glitching over that, be sure to take a look around.

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