Rich, Ignorant and Loud is No Way To Go Through Life

According To Hoyt


People in the past were not callous monsters.  The modern leftist is not special.

Okay, one or two might be special (how do I know?) but they are not particularly and amazingly kind.  Throwing their weight around on twitter to show how much they care for the “underprivileged” (a revolting word that denotes that someone is in need of more private law applying to them only) doesn’t make them wonderful.  And their ancestors were not horrible because they verbalized their tender notions better.

The funny thing is that if they had verbalized what was considered an admirable sentiment in their time more, the left would probably hate them for it.

I only know this because not only was I raised in a society very different from the one I live in (though already unimaginably wealthy by historical standards) but I work in the past a lot.  (Okay, not as much…

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Cultural Appropriation vs. Hybrid Vigor

The Writer in Black

“Cultural appropriation”.  That seems to be the big thing these days to prove that people who aren’t fully in lockstep with the far left are really “racists” and other forms of badthinkers.

Wear a hairstyle that someone claims as being from their ancestry (even if yours had it too)?  Cultural appropriation.

Jewelry that someone of a particular ethnicity claims as “theirs” (even if others wore similar jewelry in the past)?  Cultural appropriation.

Want to cook something from a culture other than your own, especially if you mix in elements not original to that cultures cuisine (never mind that the culture’s cuisine itself started as a fusion of cultural elements)?  Cultural appropriation.

In days past we considered the enforced separation of ethnicities and cultures to be segregation and a bad thing.  Today it’s encourages in the name of avoiding “cultural appropriation.”

This is a very foolish approach indeed.

In biology there…

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Shiny! Let’s be Bad!

According To Hoyt


Most humans want to fit in, and will go a long way to fit in.  In fact, most if not all dictatorships in the 20th century depended on this impulse.  “You don’t want the neighbors to think you’re a bad person” or mutatis mutandi, Jew/Jew sympathizer/wrecker/hoarder/saboteur/running dog of the imperialism/etc etc.

No army in the world can hold even a small mutinous fraction of a large population in subjection, if they are not held back by internal controls and stops, and the ancient social-ape impulse to be liked and accepted by the band.

What strikes me when reading books about the holocaust or the various communist massacres is not that these were horrible people and monsters.  It’s that 99.9% of the people involved were just “human beings” put in a position where the unthinkable had become normal, and there was no one to say “oh, wait, this is objectively not…

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Going back

To blogspot.

Mostly due to the fact they don’t charge me for wanting to link to my Etsy, my Teespring, the Amazon Affiliate Program etc.

I’ll still be re-blogging occasionally from the other WordPresses, so this account is not going to be mothballed to never be seen again, but it’s not going to get the use I was planning for this year.

The old, much better blog apparently is Wandering Witch at Blogger. My thanks to everyone whose followed me in the past but I need to start pulling in what passive income ways I can.

It’s Always the Gulag!

According To Hoyt

beach-84533 Some Gulags are more bearable than others. This internet gulag is fine. Get me a frosty drink.

I was discussing the Worldcon follies with husband and he said “it’s always the Gulag, with these people.”

I was struck by the wisdom of these words, because… yeah, it’s always the gulag.

I remember P.J. O’Rourke describing the older cousins of our present progressives — the ones smart enough to read the communist manifesto and know that if they agreed with every point, yep, they were communists — as being like the children of strict religious ministers, fanatic and afraid to put a foot wrong.

He might have been right for that generation.  The current generation (and this includes the older people who have lost their minds and are acting like teens) remind me of nothing so much as the “perfect little girl” at religious education.

I just heard the rest of…

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Stages of Home Comfort

For the past week and a half we’ve hosted a friend of DR’s as he’s trying to get himself, his almost two year old son and his ten year old GSD into a new place as retarded asinine landlords seem to be more common here in Phoenix than other places. There’s been some interesting perspectives that I’ve been finding myself staring in the face due to the houseguest.

The first one is what one would prioritize as essentials for comfort along with the fact that many people learn the hard way how to take baby steps towards an end goal. Many are used to just jumping straight to the end thing not realizing all the steps that they are skipping and should really know and be aware of.

Example: MUSIC is a must when I’m working. A couple months ago at this point, DR found some bluetooth speakers for a price we could afford. Yoink! So for the past couple of months, I’ve been able to connect my phone while cleaning and that has made that particular set of chores sooooo much easier these days.  And now, due to the old computer dying and tribe putting in towards helping me get the new computer, I can connect my computer to these speakers. This makes working and finishing a couple of the crochet projects that kinda need worked on at this point on the bed, much easier.

Second one is the things that make home feel like home in ways you don’t really think about sometimes. We finally got the last of the two paintings (cheap ones mind you) hung up. I have walls that feel like a lived home now in most of the rooms. It’s a little bit amazing at how something as simple an oil painting by a local artist on the wall can make a space yours.

There’s a third thing of a silly linen factor. Well not silly to me, but it might be to other folks because it’s something a lot of people don’t think about. We have three sets of sheets…. however I’ve been pushing that we get some king sized flat sheets as when the dogs are on the bed with us…we run out of covers frequently.  With the houseguests, both dogs and the cat (heh, tell ya about her later) sleep on the bed with us because the human puppy is not ours so they aren’t sure how to deal with it. (I didn’t know boys could that note of a scream, let’s put it that way.)

Having three fleece blankets would be a good idea, especially when we can’t afford to go do laundry one week and need to wait a couple and need to change the bedding… crocheted bedspreads are awesome but they work best with a second thinner blanket.

And hand towels….I never realized we needed about four more to really round our household needs. Think I would have noticed that had I still been single? Probably not but when you’re making plans to start the human side of the family it’s like this giant magnifying glass suddenly appears and you start becoming acutely aware of things that are lacking.

Like damn near unbreakable dishes. We’ve had at least two glasses die in the past couple of weeks. Organizing things like comfort teas and foods? Yeap that gets a look over as well. Hell organizing anything suddenly gets weird because you find yourself thinking “Is that really the most logical place for that?!”

I’ve been adding up how many baby blankets we’ll need… how many sets of sheets and trying to figure out when the kids will end up with a twin sized bed…how this that and the other thing….

There also the fact that once our kids are born… DR is going to be insufferable and he’s going to understand several things that other parent friends of ours deal with much more accurately. He gets it but something about having your own flesh and blood tends to make certain concerns much louder.

Having a set time of doing chores in a household that unnaturally chaotic in the evenings right now has been a huge help and not something that had crossed my mind before.

I’m sure there’ll be other things that occur to me before they’ve been able to get moved into their new homes. I just hope it’s this weekend that they’re able to move…. I’d like my house back.

A Crisis of a Son

Copyright 2017 Evelyn Zinn. All rights reserved.  All likenesses to real life places or personas is coincidental and should not be taken seriously.

I glared at my cell phone as it started buzzing on the table next to my bed. I had been awake for over three minutes before it went off. Gods waking up before my alarm always felt wretched. Made the day start off feeling slimy almost. I begrudgingly picked up my phone and hit the power button.

Just as I started to get dressed a text message came through. “Get your coffee ready. -Maxine.”

I blinked several times. I hadn’t heard from Maxine in a couple of years at this point. She’d ended up needing to take care of one of her grandkids full time as they didn’t want to go with their parents to an overseas job her son had picked up. I didn’t waste time.

When the call came through I was sitting on the front porch in my rocking chair, coffee in hand and enjoying the crisp morning air that the higher elevation of this cabin afforded me in October.

“Hey you!”

Maxine laughed on the other end. I suddenly realized how much I missed that alto voice.

“How’s the Mongollon Rim?”

“Creepy. You’d love it.”

She laughed again.

“I have a favor to ask. I need you to watch my grandson for awhile.”

“Ain’t he 18 yet?”

“Yes but there’s… rumblings going on. And he needs a sanctuary.”

I sighed.

“Rumblings eh? The fuckers are going to have themselves another Witch War?”

“Sounds like it. Hector is a Chimera, Claudette.”

There it was. The reason she needed me to come out of hiding a little bit.

“You need me to teach him the ends and outs? Can’t Josiah teach him?”

“He’s doing contractor work in the Middle East again.”

“Fidgety little bastard. All right, when should I expect him?”

“When’s good?”

“Well if he gets out here by next week’s end, he’ll be able to help me winterize everything.”

“Arizona gets snow?!”

“At these elevations we do.”

“You’re in love with that area.”

I just laughed and gave Maxine the rest of the information so that Hector could find the place.

“Claudette, the kid has a good head on his shoulders. Don’t let him get hurt too badly.”

“Don’t worry Maxine, the locals around here are actually pretty fair folk. They don’t get so damn petty as them out there.”

“Good to hear. I’ll be in touch with more details, right now I need make Hector remembered to pack a lunch for his job. Boy has been working construction since his birthday and is putting in 12’s.”

“Gee I wonder where he gets that from.”


“L8ter!” Click.

I may or may not used to have teased Maxine about the long shift she put in back at the shop. I had a similar shop here now, smaller but well received. I could put Hector to work in it and it’d help because I needed a second set of hands badly.

It had been five years since I left that area. I didn’t miss it.  Once The Great Nullification  had occurred, within five years of it the factions were having dick measuring contests. I might have only been 29 at the time when I left, but I had had enough. A wise witch works to keep her sanity. After a few years of genuine magic, you start learning a few valuable lessons. Some of which while painful are essential.  Like not everything needs a spell. Not every ritual needs cast, not every full moon needs a full circle and High Days can be celebrated with something as simple as a slightly more expensive bottle of wine and a special food you don’t normally buy.

You learn the painful lesson of what happens when you burn yourself out. Especially these days with spirits being able to be picky with who they work with again, if you burned up your reserves, chi, force whatever you wanna call it… you didn’t have anyone you could call on to get them to wave a hand and refill you. You were on your own. Healing that reservoir takes time and squabbling with other practitioners in magic duels was a good way to fuck it up.

Since the Nullification I had been in exactly one duel and that was to show why no one messed with Maxine’s shop. They’ve not had trouble since.

I was fed up after that and left. That’s why I was here, on this old porch, in these mountains. The land is old here. Not as old as the Appalachians I don’t think, but close. The land was calmer in some ways and the magic laced through its rocks and sand were tides to be reckoned with.

In short, home.

Now to be Hector’s home. I finished the coffee and poured a second cup. It would take me all day to ready his room and set up a space for his digital stuff as I had been using that part of the house for storage. Hopefully he doesn’t mind rusted desert reds. I hadn’t had a chance to repaint the walls yet.


A while back I sat down and was talking about positive triggers.  I’m going to try to expand on that today. The reason why it popped into my head is because this past week, I got news that left me seeing red and thinking black. I can honestly and safely I did not consider harming myself…unless you count the mistake of drinking angry. Which BTW Brandy is most emphatically NOT the liquor to be drinking when drinking angry. Get some horse pis… I mean… light beer to drink. At least you’ll be full before you’re drunk or sick. (No ribs were cracked in the result.)


This is something that is the culmination of a lot of reading, talking to other people who deal with the same or similar problems as I do. Let’s jump into this.

60 things/minutes:

  • 60 crochet stitches
  • 60 knitting stitches
  • 60 strokes of a paintbrush
  • 60 minutes of music
  • 60 minutes of your favorite TV show
  • 60 pushups
  • 60 situps
  • 60 pulled weeds
  • 60 strokes of brushing your hair (should have the longer locks)
  • 60 minutes reading a book you’ve read before (that way it’s easier to put down when the times up alarm goes off)
  • etc etc

The point is to spend 60 minutes doing something or do 60 of the same thing. If you do minutes of something, set an alarm. The point of the 60 is something long that forces you brain to reset. Forces you to calm down. Also rolls into the idea of a Zen project. A Zen project is a project you only work on when feeling anxious, depressed, angry etc. Can be any hobby. Woodworking, crocheting, embroidery, etc. Some of my zen projects have gone on to very happy owners after they were done. Which was basically icing on those particular “cakes”.

10 minutes/things:

  • play with your pets
  • put ten things away
  • spend ten minutes working on one thing
  • go outside for ten minutes
  • spend ten minutes gathering up trash and then throw it away.
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 situps
  • 10 dishes washed
  • pull 10 weeds

Again, same as with the 60. Only in a smaller chunk. You’re doing something productive. And you might only get one of those done in a day, but you’ve just accomplished a measure of control on your world.

5 minutes/things:

  • jumping jacks
  • crochet
  • knit
  • play with dogs
  • wash five dishes
  • five minutes in a room and clean something
  • sit down with a cup of tea or coffee
  • Organize a book shelf
  • sweep room
  • wash a window

Starting to see a pattern? Many of these tasks you’ll find you spend more than five or ten minutes on. Once you get rolling washing dishes many times I find by the fifth dish I’m checking over the drainer to see how many more I can fit in.

Many times I start sweeping and find I want to do just one more room, which ends up turning into the whole house sometimes. I’ll dust for five minutes. Add five stitches to a project over here, then another five to a project over there, and soon I’ve worked on five things and made a little bit of progress.

These are not hard and fast number triggers. These are what I’m finding are working. Some folks might want to adjust it to a 45-15-1 rule.

The point is to deliberately set out to do a thing. Do it for a set amount of repetitions or time. Oh hey look at that. You should took control in your life and have induced a measure of order.

When you’re working on yourself, sometimes the only progress you can make is in small steps. Especially if you’re one of those folks who works every day at a regular job. Your day might look something like:

  1. Wake up.
  2. make breakfast (five minutes)
  3. Make coffee (favorite cup)
  4. Make lunch (ten minutes)
  5. head to work
  6. get home from work
  7. Sit and chill playing pets (5 minutes work but I recommend ten)
  8. wash ten dishes
  9. make dinner and eat (60 minutes)
  10. wash ten more dishes put everything up
  11. check social sites (seriously start breaking that up into smaller chunks too!)
  12. room at random to clean something in

You get the idea. If you work from home like I do technically, set an alarm or timer or something so that you’re breaking your work up into 60 minute chunks. Take five minutes into between each hour and play with your dogs, stretch and just step away from the work in general.

Small steps after awhile when you glance over your shoulder, will have carried you a lot farther than you thought. Again, as emphasized in my last positive triggers note, you need to journal journal journal. Document everything or as much as you are comfortable writing down.

You’ll start noticing which 60-10-5 things work the best in taming an internal problem. Keep those things tucked away in the back of your mind for days that just seem to be out to destroy you mentally. On those days, give yourself permission to do 10 five things. Those are the days to limit it to small things until you’ve started to feel things calm down then do a couple ten things.

Make sense? I hope so.

Project 40

I’m currently spearheading a fundraiser. There is no gofundme page or any thing like that, I’m putting all sales from my Teespring store and my Etsy store towards this fundraiser.  Normally one might go yeah hey great, here donate, but our household has been the recipient of many kind donations over the past couple years.

So this time around, let me earn that money k? LOL

Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks Etsy

Jade Rose Zen ThreadWorks TeeSpring

Thank you in advance for any shares you might make and especially thank you if you decide to buy something. I will be working on the Etsy adding some new things hopefully all weekend as I’m updating the photos for several of my listings.


Positive Triggering

Everybody has heard of triggers. It’s a term that gets aggressively over used by a segment of political identity to the point of nausea. Frankly, I’d like to tell you idiots to shut the fuck up. No, shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. We’re going to talk about triggers today without the guest commentary from someone who is only repeating what they’ve been told or heard or read from their echo chambers.

For those of you going “Not a gun trigger?”, a trigger is a catch all term for multiple mental health problems that have a multitude of things that can trigger an attack or cause the problems to suddenly flare up. Triggers are no fucking joke despite the attempts of the idiots.

If you have a condition that deals with any trigger of any kind, you should be keeping a log of what they are.  You should be keeping track of EVERY SINGLE TRIGGER you find yourself experiencing. Triggers range from:

  • Not eating enough
  • Not taking your vitamins
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Misinterpreting what someone is saying as trying to give me an order
  • Someone not respecting when I say stop (every damn time almost, doesn’t matter what I’m telling you to stop over, if someone pushes, it’s a trigger every fucking time. And it’s fucking annoying.)
  • drinking too much
  • Not enough water
  • boundaries being violated
  • boundaries having to be re-established
  • being hugged without permission (this is a rare one because most people that do hug me I’m at a level of physical comfort with that it’s not a problem)
  • over socialization
  • too much loud sounds
  • sudden loud sounds
  • being startled (never funny)

Taking the power out of a trigger and mitigating triggers should be a priority if you deal with a mental health problem that has triggers as an impacting factor. I don’t know about any of you, but I like functioning.

Which leads me to my next point: Developing positive triggers that help you set your day in motion and keep it in motion. Call it a routine. Call it a coping mechanism. Positive triggers that you can use to counter act a negative trigger.

There’s a process to getting the day rolling. Coffee, putting on my jeans, putting on a bandanna are positive triggers I use to start my day, to trigger a shift into work mode and trigger a productive state of mind.

By developing a positive trigger, multiple; the quality of your life will improve to the point where you’re in more control of what’s going on. Mental health problems being turned into manageable problems that make day to day wrangling easier.

Just as you document your negative triggers, you need to document which triggers are working for positive effects. Journal journal journal.